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  1. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    I think they will be faster than that, 1's n 2's I reckon if they get a handle on the track
  2. Nizzpro Performance & Better Loans 350z

    Sorry to clarify I meant the vehicle originally must be a 4 seater, not a 2 seater like the 350Z. Even then the cabin volume and backseat headroom measurements must meet minimum requirements which rules out a lot of 2 door cars like the FD rx7. 2 seaters run in a sports car class.
  3. Nizzpro Performance & Better Loans 350z

    IPRA needs a back seat at minimum and then the cabin has to meet certain heights and sqm requirements?
  4. "this build is reminding me of the engineered to slide hilux, everything seems to be well thought out and your like 10 steps ahead of the game whilst modding this.i cant wait to see the finished product....." does anyone else that knows Martin find this as hilarious as me?! hahaha Getting closer mate, good work
  5. Harris, I would replace all those water hoses under the manifold and around the back of the motor if I were you. I had the same thing happen to me and I just replaced the one hose, then for the next year I replaced each hose separately as they split one after the next! Its an age/heat cycle thing - they are due.
  6. Nah, my cheap ass mounts from Johnny had the slider basically sitting on the seat rail at the front and I think below the stud on the transmission tunnel at the back. I could just fit a finger between the carpet and the bottom of the seat at the back. Looking at your pics of the Bride mounted I would say my seat sat 50mm lower than that! Still have them, if you want to borrow them?
  7. Those rails arnt very low profile! Looks like you could cut 25-30mm out of them - looks like a rail issue not a seat issue to me. You just wanted a Bride seat you fanboy! haha I think I can see a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel on this build mate!
  8. Great to see you finally got a proper helmet James. Not that $60 plastic bloodbucket... You cant afford for that head to get any uglier! haha Are the Suttons still using the DE head?
  9. Nothing to do with the class - the area under the wing is more important than the area above for creating downforce and large end plates can help with that - the RE Amemiya wing is a perfect example of how they have attempted improve the effectiveness of their setup from last year....
  10. More wing required!? Bigger end plates would be the easiest way to try to eek out some more downforce from the rear wing and something not limited by the rules?
  11. are you guys ontrack Wed or Thurs?
  12. Awesome to see this car finally back out on track! Great work James/Martin/Jimmy Jono and other SXD helpers. Hope the oil control issue isn't to exxy to sort out. ps I'm a bit concerned at how often Jimmy's arse crack appears in your posts Martin! Hahaha
  13. aero dynamics

    I always wondered if this would work if you put a gurney flap along the rear edge of the bonnet? Cheap and worth testing I reckon.
  14. Have you thought bout using little NACA ducts here - would work better and already have the hose end already on them angling away from the wheel.