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  1. Permit/Trade Plates

    ^^^^ The interstate registration still applies. You have 14 days to have it inspected and transferred into your name, then you can apply with the state you bought it from to have the remaining interstate rego refunded.
  2. Red Light CAMERAS

    No demerits for unregistered fines.
  3. Red Light CAMERAS

    Isn't that what we're talking about
  4. Red Light CAMERAS

    No, the insurance in registration is Compulsory Third Party bodily insurance. It's what covers the hospital/rehab bills in the event of a crash.
  5. changes to the road laws etc

    The walk without due care offence or whatever they want to call it was just a suggestion and isn't coming in. It was pretty much rubbished on every morning news channel around the country and The 7pm project etc etc. There's already an "offence" for being drunk in public anyway so there's no need to duplicate it. As for demerits for riding a pushbike without a helmet I doubt there's weight to that either. If they were concerned they'd just up the fine, which isn't much.
  6. Sadly though the greater public, courts, civil libertarians and defence lawyers (the last 3 are generally one and the same) don't agree with the feeling that cars should be pursued or that the "bad" criminals should be caught no matter what the cost. And cos of this the cops don't want to lose their jobs for trying to do the right thing.
  7. Dilemma!

    There's an Evo 8 on carpoint that is going for 25k. I know of the guy and bought wheels from him. Well worth the coin
  8. Shoot out the tyres? FFS have you ever shot a hand gun?
  9. rumor..

    My best mates cousin is married to a cop and he reckons they now have a Porsche 911
  10. Hang on, first of all there's no need to yell. Second, you've said they should be fining people to begin with, then you say collecting fines is revenue raising... pick a side!
  11. Fatalities have been on the decline for years but serious injuries have been on the steady increase for years too. Now instead of dying, safer cars just maim or disable idiot drivers and their unfortunate passengers.
  12. Yay I win at spelling I guess we'll never know, but just because the paper insinuated he was speeding doesn't mean it happened. They probably asked 94 year old Doris down the road what happened; and she thinks everyone speeds on that bend and as such the copper "must" have been speeding (disclaimer: Doris doesn't exist). He really could have fallen asleep at the wheel which would be easily proven.
  13. Actually SIL-514 it is "spelled" and please read the post by -R6- for your answer.
  14. SIL_514 it's spelled "emergency". And police don't need to have lights on to speed. That's the law. I reckon $50k must be the replacement cost of the whole car - that doesn't look like much damage at all!
  15. Steve Knight Racetech

    Comes highly recommended from me! He has decades of experience as a Mitsubishi engineer and race driver. He built my old engine and was meticulous about it. He is generally a "mitsubishi specialist" but works on all other types. If you do some searching he has a very good reputation with the Evo boys