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  1. hey guys how are you just drove my 1998 toyota caldina from adelaide to perth 2700 kms worth of trees, rain and suny skies now i realised that my car need new tyres, a wheel alignment and also a trusty mechanic near morley or the city anyone here know of any decent places to get some decent tyres for my car and also may have the settings for a wheel alignment for my import any help will be greatly appreciated thanks william
  2. hey guys how are you got a friend who has a house in adelaide plans to build an attachment (double story attachment to current existing house) it has been council approved and architect plans all done now looking for a reasonable builder to build the attachment not too sure where to ask and i thought i see if i get any responses from the forum any suggestions of who might build from plans given with est cost, time etc any help would be great
  3. hey guys read this morning link and credits are from http://www.theaustra...e-1225948965044 hey guys read this article this morning thought i share it the article is pretty self explanatory but this dude decides to drink and drive on his Ps, and also drives a nissan, we can only guess what model? and does a burnout which he loses control of injures someone the penalty is already been handed and a summon is sent im not going to bash the guy since he is going through a tough time as it is and i rather have this thread as a positive as possible what i like to say is this 1. should his car be crushed, and if it doesn't, it downright wrong. he nearly killed a person and if he gets scot free, well the law doesn't help the victim 2. the attention he will get is minor since its from adelaide but do you think he is going to go through a nick darcy ordeal? 3. should the government push more money into education to prevent ppl like him from doing this? 4. i know he is probably going through a tough time but there is a lesson to everyone here what might happen if you do something like this anyone this topic is here to see what kind of reaction the public will do and also what the sa government will do with his car? p
  4. COD Modern Warefare 2 or Bad Company

    buy it off steam, download the client, and buy it off there, download the content and its really really cheap at the moment and if you feel like it buy the expansion as well if you buy a cd, you are getting jipped off just go online with steam and buy it off from there and when mw2 came out with those glitches, i missed the bandwagon really a 1887 can kill across the map, unfair, the care package and javelin glitch, fair call and then patched but a couple of things i like to see changed NO MORE ONE MAN ARMY SHIT, TOO MANY NOOBTUBERS WHO LIKE TO SIT BACK AND SHOOT, NO SKILL, NO LIFE COMMANDO, HOW CAN YOU KNIFE SOMEONE AWAY FROM 2-3M REALLY UMP OVERPOWERED NO MORE QUICK SCOPER SNIPERS, YOU CANT QUICK SCOPE IN REAL LIFE, WHY CAN YOU IN A GAME, HOPE TREYARCH NERFS THAT SHIT watch this clip montage of commando parody, really sick, there are other vids such as snipers so go out and watch it in their playlist
  5. COD Modern Warefare 2 or Bad Company

    mw2 over bbc2 ftw mw2 both single and mulitplayer is great fun and has a great range of guns mw2 is more single player orientated over the net while bbc2 is more team orientated, if you got friends who have bbc2 then go and play with them but i like to state the fact in bold THERE ARE NO PEOPLE TO PLAY ON THE LOCAL (AUS)BBC2 SERVERS COS I THINK THEY ALL SWITCHED TO MOH TIER 1 MW2 CAN EASILY CONNECT TO EACH OTHER DUE TO P2P play modern warfare 2 now, get use to the controls, guns, maps etc and when you finished the multiplayer go ahead and buy black ops its worth the money and replay value is great enjoy
  6. Auto Salon is back in 2010

    the evo looked nice and tough but seriously a 350z with rear over fenders and stock wheels FAIL if im going to enter a car in such an event and i have done modifications to the outer appearance you would want to complete the package with rims if your rims didn't arrive in time atleast borrow, rent or lease some wheels for the weekend so it doesn't ruin the whole packgae what were you thinking
  7. Recent Accident in the City?

    he's steals a car, risk the lives of cops chasing him, he wastes tax payers money when he uses ambulance services and hospital and i bet he be back on the street and do that all over again and if he's a juvie, he going to get a way with hit he's lucky to survive but the big picture is that our tax dollars paid him to go to hospital, HOW DOES THAT BLOODY FEEL TO ALL THOSE TAX PAYERS
  8. Moving to Syd

    go to gumtree sydney and look for shared accomodation or units great place to look compared to realestate.com.au since the site is free, more people tend to post there than the above link anyway gl
  9. driving 31 kmph instead of 50 will kill me it would make me frustrated more and that will make me lose concentration and patience and then i will get road rage and hit some poor dude who had nothing to do with the whole thing it sounds okay in practice but i wonder what kind of car does he drive i bet he drives a scooter think about this driving 31kmph in the city, i would take another 3-5mins to get from one side of town to the other i.e from north terrace, magill rd to port road via north terrace
  10. The Pacific: WW2 Series

    watched the pacific great movie about a band of mates who survived the turkey shoot dont bag it until you watch it its not just about the war its about family, serving the nation, love ...,. im up to ep 5 but its pretty nasty how those americans survived the jap attacks and their lifestyle in trenches i guess without the americans, we australian might have been a japanese colony watch it before you comment
  11. hey guys how are you doing im from sa and will be going to hornsby (north sydney) for some studies in late may for a couple of months now im having trouble locating some accomodation for myself/and shared accom ive tried realestate.com and the cumberland newspaper also i have emailed various real estate agents (and will continue to try each day) but at the moment, accomodation is scarce will be bringing my car over from sa as well to help me drive around the place any help where i can source accomdation, internet, email, newspaper will be greatly appreciated thanks william
  12. hey go with shannons they are good been with them for 2 years had my swift, then sprinter, now caldina, insurance is 1k should be fine had my insurance since 22 i think could be wrong but they should be okay dont know if the 200sx will cost more cos its more common and people will tend to steal or not their perks and stuff and cool read their product disclosure statement to see if it is right if not just ring shannons to see if it works im sure a call with them might reduce your premium a couple hundred less and use the extra money for some drinks oh and you can pay monthly and they are flexible when your car is away at work shop doing some mods this means your premiums drop down a little bit when you are not using the car they will ask questions if you are an enthusiast, and if you pass their simple questions, then yeah you get the insurance hope this helps
  13. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    great day took heaps on photos, lots of cars to look at disappointed that there was no caldina's but hey not much can be done to those cars nice range and cheers to all those interstate drivers who made it out some cars that were out there (different from the norm, not in stock form) was 1. the blue station wagon with a 1J in it 2. the altezza with a beams high mount turbo (im sure that car is a personal import) 3. the blue datto with what looks like a L20 with quad throttle bodies and the coke bottle used as a oil catch can there were some hardcore cars out there but these one i mentioned really GOT STUCK INTO MY HEAD thanks
  14. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    hey mate, i think th emost stockiest cars out there were the old datsun prestige cars x4, the diahatsu cuore (i say its stock cos i saw no sheet pertaining its mods and it looks like it just did a muffler), i also suspect he wanted to get good parking spot and couldn't be bothered parking on the road, i might be wrong but im sure someone here can tell me it has a diahatsu turbo? and finally some of those legnums, other than those twin turbs, its look pretty stock, thats my 5 cents
  15. hey thats nothing compared to what happening to a celeb in korea lee byung hoon, the white ninja from GI JOE he was dating this girl from canada when he was in canada (resting) she was a dancer or gymnast or something well they hooked up and he eventually told her to leave canada and stay in korea she thought that if she stay over there, she might get proposed anyway she got dumped a couple months later now a year goes by, lee byung hoon is threaten/blackmailed by some guys who knew of this romance and decided to use this info to get some money out of him he never payed them a cent and always thought it had something to do with his ex now fastforward to a couple months and now she is suing him for emotional damage for being dumped (her thinking was that the next step was to stay in korea and hence get married) but that didnt happen and now she has nothing fall back on and has lost her way since meeting him she has used the korean media to publicize her side of the story for everyone to know and talking about this and that and all the while, he was just keeping quiet and sorting it out through their lawyers Woman puts $300k worth of billboards for REVENGE ==>> if she feels better, then do it but what the above women is doing is suing someone for dumping them now think about this scenario, if we were to dump five women in our lifetime, maybe more for those who play the field and each of them sued them for emotion distress then we will probably be bankrupt 5X over and thats ffffff up