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  1. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    My girlfriend doesn't have instagram, a few people must have taken pics
  2. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    When I got the Bikirom in my S15 it seemed like he had pretty much given up on it. Not sure if the forums are still active?
  3. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    See the asian girl taking a picture in the background? That's where my pic came from Bikirom guy is Lucas?
  4. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    That's when you and Dave were working on his car, right?
  5. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    Rob (The Stapler) and I were just talking about that tonight Callum
  6. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    Saw you driving at the shops yesterday so I assumed there wasn't much damage. I was told fast and loud going towards the IGA, then the wheel came off on the way back. How did you end up in the bus lane on the other side of the road? Could you still steer ok? I've never had a wheel fall off so I don't know haha.
  7. I heard someone was driving like a mong near my place today and lost a wheel.
  8. Queensland Prices

    There should be a like button on here...
  9. No idea what I was doing, probably wasn't important though
  10. You live in Calamvale now? I'm in the next suburb so I might pop by and say g'day.
  11. Room for rent - Parkinson

    Room filled.
  12. Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while! Recently my house mate has moved out and I am looking for someone to take his place, male or female doesn't matter. I have a 9 year old 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom place in Parkinson on a 700m² block. The room up for grabs is 3m x 3.5m (I think) with a built in robe. You would be sharing the bathroom with one other tenant and you will only need to bring bedroom stuff as the rest of the house is furnished. The fourth bedroom has some basic gym equipment that you are free to use too. It's a 5-10 minute walk to the bus stop to catch the 130, 135 and a couple more I think that go to Sunnybank, Griffith, the city etc. We currently have a husky and will quite possibly be getting another dog soon, so we won't want someone to bring outdoor pets as it will just be too crowded. He does also come inside every now and then, but I've read that they don't kick up allergies like other animals? Rent will be $130 a week and all bills split per room. If you are interested please post here or PM me and I can send you some pics or you can come and check out the place. Cheers, Ryan

    That's finished? Ha.
  14. I know a guy that made 300kW at the wheels with the standard AFM as well, my injectors were maxed at 240kW though according to the PFC hand controller.
  15. Need to get my temp down!

    Have you contacted the people who made this kit for advice?