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  1. Ok looks like it's unanimous. Iv had to take the turbo off a few times before just seeing if it was possible. Iv already got a braided oil line on if that makes a difference?
  2. I know this sounds lazy but can the factory coolant turbo lines on a s15 be changed to the earls braided ones without taking the manifold/turbo off? One of the hard lines has a hairline fracture...
  3. Check out my dyno graph on pg 7 of this thread. His boost/power curve is almost identical with my boost controller off. Making a touch under 200kw at 5000rpm. The way we fixed this was kept adding more duty cycle to the boost controller. it didn't increase overall boost pressure just made boost come on earlier (20-21psi @ 4000rpm) making 200kw at approx 4100rpm. Much more responsive. Give that a try
  4. Hi I'm after a plastic s15 undertray, can have the front plastic removed where the fmic sits. No cracks though. Prefer in sa unless it's dirt cheap from interstate. Let me know 04 two 32 eight 4 eight 32
  5. Stao, I was just checking my timing values to the table you had posted up a while back for the atr28ss2. Up in the higher rpm range I'm running half the timing of you, about 5-7 and you're running 11-12. I remember my tuner couldn't put anymore timing as 1 degree would be the difference between a 15-20 knock reading and a 60+. Why would that be?
  6. A complete hole then stretched on correct
  7. Plenty of preload I adjusted it myself. Blitz id3 dual sbc spec r boost controller
  8. Got my atr28ss2 .64 with t28 comp cover tuned today by decs @ garage 7 261rwkw @ 21psi, 20psi by 4000rpm on pump 98 Graphs attached, thick line using boost controller, thin line no boost control (suprisingly boost would keep rising, it made 279rwkw on one run just unfortunately poor boost response meaning very doughy down low) Specs: Arc air box, z32 afm to 3" intake Toda 264/264 10.5mm cams 740cc injectors - 82% duty cycle Nismo pump (250l/h) FMIC, 3" exhaust Standard internals/head gasket/exhaust manifold With more boost on a built motor, higher lift cams, aftermarket exhaust manifold stao's results from his car is very realistic. Happy customer here
  9. Iv just put on a hypergear atr28ss2 turbo (stao made 306rwkw @ 24psi) Will the nismo fuel pump flow enough (using 740cc injectors) @ 20-21psi before I book in a re-tuned? Any responses would be a appreciated. Thanks
  10. Got the car on the road last night, all seems to be running smoothly. Before I get a retune im getting a 3" intake pipe made up. I bought one of those t28 comp flange 2.5-3" adaptors stao
  11. Im in the process of putting a atr28ss2 with a s15 comp cover. Will update my results once I get a retune in the near future
  12. T518z 8cm - running out of puff?

    Update: Took the gktech turnflow off and replaced with a blitz fmic a couple of weeks ago. No more knock spikes up to 60+, max 20ish now. Possibly feels smoother, gonna get it on the dyno soon to check if any difference
  13. gktech no hole kit on s15

    I'm going to be selling my GKtech turnflow kit for s15 soon if anyones interested; Iv had the piping modified by Exhaust tech to clear the foggie no problem. PM me
  14. T518z 8cm - running out of puff?

    Ok an update. I decided to run the actuator straight off from the intercooler piping (no ebc). It runs only 0.8 bar (it's a 1bar actuator) reaches that at 3000rpm then at 4800rpm spikes up to 1.2bar. Why isn't it running 1bar flat? My last t518z did on my old car? The boost source from the intercooler piping (gktech) is a huge 8-10mm in diameter so I had to put a brass reducer in so it matches with the actuator nipple size when I installed the intercooler; inconsistant vacuum hose sizes wouldn't make a difference to boost control would it? I'm stumped
  15. T518z 8cm - running out of puff?

    Dyno sheet added to original post. Tuner says turbos at its limit, it's laggy with 20psi @ 3600rpm (remember iv got 264/264 duration cams). You can see that decline in boost as the revs increase. Here's the sheet from what greddy have tested