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  1. So i´ve been using this site for a while now, just really cashing in on the cheap 4 star hotels for weekends with the mrs but my main question is to do with the wotif.com mystery hotels. Im not game enough to take a punt at it as ive seen that some of the big 4 holiday parks get a 4 star rating and i wouldnt be too wrapt shelling out 200 a night for one of those holes..... Anyone had any expieriance with them??
  2. Kazama castor rods in. Dmax camber arms in. Genuine type x front bar ordered. Hopefully win auction on rear pods and valance.
  3. JSA imports on bell street

    Seriously mate, dont go there. use the search function the topic has been covered countless times and always with the same answers.
  4. I went to a cruise and I felt out of place

    coke bindgeing in columbia! back now and on the build up, 2 months is about right i recon. Will be good to catch up with a few old faces and give maciek shit for drivin wog chariots
  5. I went to a cruise and I felt out of place

    The o.g original crew were just pill heads anyway, i miss the yalla habbibi crew mecha 06-07. Ill be down for it Alex, with a fair bit more fruit. Got a rough date i should be working towards?
  6. Hey all. can you guys help me with votes?

    Need more photos, then ill 'vote'
  7. The diff guy

    Looking to get my stock diff center swapped over with my brand new kaaz 1.5way, get the backlash adjusted and new bearings. I know i could just slap it in but i dont want to spend another grand in a months time. I'll be taking the diff out myself and delivering it. Whats everyone paid for this and who did you send it too??
  8. The diff guy

    Well i dont know if that makes me feel better or worse... I got a quote for 500 and i guess im just having a hard time getting my head around buying a brand new diff and then have to spend another 50% of purchase price without it even doing a skid. Looks like ill be biting the bullet.
  9. The diff guy

    ah ok that sounds more like it thanks neil. Can i ask how much you paid?
  10. The diff guy

    The workshops i go to send theirs off, thats why im asking.
  11. Siezed Coilover Bases

    big pole ftw
  12. Olympus SP-600 ultra zoom

    Not really into cameras but i used a 595s i think the model was on a recent overseas trip. 20x optical was very handy buut apart from that i thought the loading time for the content on the camera took a very long time. Very easy to use point and shoot camera id reccomend something with intercahngable lenses.
  13. Inventions

    I wanted to produce a pedal to lift the toilet seat up for germ concerned civilisation but it was already patended
  14. Got my license Back and both cars started yeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeye now I just need money to buy a 1.5 way and a HD clutch and I'll be laughing again.
  15. How Much?

    Car was 20k back in 2004. Parts about 14k Labour is a few slabs here and there so we'll say 300. Insurance reg roughly 2k a year on average so 12k defects x 6 all with fine about $1500 Thats just under 50k but thats a generous estimate. I wouldnt total receipts because it would force me to cry
  16. What ll look betta?

    Man WTF. 20's, real men have 20's. Without a doubt, everyone on this site will agree.
  17. Bathroom attendants

    Bathroom attendants ftl Its all cool to get massages and cologne and chewing gum in the dunny but at what price. When i was in Columbia last month the deodorant and listerene mouth wash was chained to the sink with some heavy duty locks which was awesome, but the little lady attendant had a servearly adverse effect on my coke binge. Who knocks on the door of a shitter after 3 minutes i mean seriously. Bitch.
  18. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Saw this parked in deer park out the front of vicroads? cant remember it was the corner park of a car park right near a big round about. Looked tufffffffffffff.
  19. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    I'm pretty sure i made noises when i pulled my Smg on all those civilians. allllllriiight
  20. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    yep gonna grab it from jb, was gonna get it for 60 with trade of dirt2 at game but meh ill keep colin mcrae. yep gonna grab it from jb, was gonna get it for 60 with trade of dirt2 at game but meh ill keep colin mcrae.
  21. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    I only started playing c.o.d 4 last wednesday but im hooked. up to level 37 in multiplayer but gonna trade in Dirt 2 to save a few bucks and pick up MW2 tommorow. f**k this im gonna go play cod now Add me on ps3: rob180sx
  22. free ice coffees to all, my shout.

    Speaking of ice coffee...... Have any of you who drink ice break ice coffee had UTE under your cap? I got one, got excited, then read the label and it says "find the cap and send it in for your chance to win", i want to know if other people have been finding caps.
  23. bad sex stories

    Yeah ive got a shocker im not going to tell. It's bad enough thinking about it let alone a public forum discussing it... anyway, one a good mate of mine told me. So a few years back i went to thailand with a few of the lads. This 1 dude would just root thai's flat out and seeeeeeeeedy discusting ones. He comes up to me this one day all worried asking me to look at his shit............ i politely declined and as he was off to england a month later i told him just to deal with it til he can get a test. so a year went passed and he party'd on. Gets back and ended up telling me this story.... So on the day he had his std test and got an all clear result, he ends up picking up this bird at a packed london bus stop, recons within 2 minutes of kissing her this chick just started going down on him, PACKED bus stop. He's discusting as it is so as he's telling me its really not that hard to believe. He go's on to tell me the bus rocks up, they jump on and go to the back seat of the top level and start getting down to business. Old mate recons he was pissed as and in a public enviroment he just slipped it out his zipper. Root root root, pound, pound, pound. Mr x recons he was rooting this chick, in the ass, bare neck with his dick getting sliced open on his fly. Full on gash, took 4 weeks to heal.
  24. Daily got broken into last night. Ended up losing 2 stubbies, old pair of air max's that i'd just retired from there work dutys, 80 cents from the ashtray and 4 condoms. Spewin' about the dingers.
  25. where to get my Wii chipped?

    twilight princess sounds like one hektik game!