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  1. Looking for a set of 4 ENKEI RPf1's. 17x9 +35 offset. Must be in reasonable condition (usable - no buckles or cracks etc.), but don't have to be perfect. Will consider any wheels from new to well used. Any colour is fine. Prefer pick up in Perth, but have contacts in most states for local inspection & pick up. If you have some you are looking to sell, give me a call on 0418 966 959. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Sr20 sumps

    Thanks Mate. I had a Greddy copy on the last SR and it leaked. Might just go the Genuine Greddy and be done with it.
  3. Sr20 sumps

    Cheers for that.
  4. Sr20 sumps

    I'm interested in seeing the pics of it installed. Can the install of the Canton be done with the engine in the car? (S15)
  5. On rim size....... and from the research I have done..... Front - 17x9 Offset between +22 & +30 will work Rear - 17x9 Offset of +30 will just fit, and may need to roll the lip on the guards. I'm planning on running Enkei RPF1's in 17x9 with +35 all round. I'll be running a spacer on the front of around 10-15mm to clear the coilovers and the rear should bolt straight up. Also, to run bigger brakes I have had to build a custom set-up using WRX STi Rotor (326mm) and EVO 9 Brembos. You can't run the EVO caliper & rotor combo with the Enkei's as they don't fit, you need the Subaru rotor as the offset sits the caliper further in towards the strut. We still have to make the caliper adaptors for this set-up, but it looks like it will work with some messing around.
  6. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    Wow.....this is a piece of art. Amazing build, I look forward to seeing the results!
  7. SR20DET sleeved block ?$

    What is the usual cost to do the work? I will be needing to sleeve an SR block in the future.
  8. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    I recently tried the Forza FR6 pads in the front of my S15. They are good on the street, and great on the track. I ran mine with dimpled and slotted rotors (standard 280mm diameter) and stock S15 callipers. I used to run Hawk pads in my previous race car, and I thought these were every bit as good as the Hawks. They had a really good progressive feel, without biting too hard initially. Fade was non-existent over three flying laps. Other advantages are no squeel and a low amount of dust. RRP was $249 delivered to my door. I'm now doing a complete brake upgrade, so the old set-up is up for sale. If anyone else wanted to give the pads a try, I'm selling the FR6 pads for $150, only done one track day. (The old Callipers and rotors are also for sale)
  9. SR20DE + T

    Factors to consider are Compression 'v' Boost 'v' fuel you are using. The SR I was running in the race car was built with 10.5:1 Forged N/A CP pistons. Standard rods & crank + Tomei 256deg cams. Also had a GT2876r pushing 17psi. The first fuel we used was the ET104 race fuel, could only get to 4,500rpm before detonation. Next we used MS109 from VP Race Fuels ($8 per litre!). Worked fantastic and made 310bhp at the tyres (with 36mm restrictor on turbo) Later I changed to E85. The car then made 343bhp at the wheels with restrictor fitted and 400bhp at the tyres with no restrictor. We could have run the car on standard fuel, just would need to run less boost = less power. Moral of the story is to find a good tuner and run it on E85 if you can.
  10. Race Gas @ the PUMP!

    Thanks for the quick reply. It already runs a Bosch pump, maybe I squeeze enough out of the injectors with some more fuel pressure. Will go and grab Zoom and have aread. Cheers,
  11. Race Gas @ the PUMP!

    Hey guys, I have been toying with running E85 in my SR20 Powered Race car, currently tuned to run on VP Racing's MS109 (at $8/L). Current injectors are 550cc and running 80% duty cycle, will they big enough to run E85? The engine runs a 36mm resrictor on the turbo, so we don't pull big revs (6,500rpm max). I have attached the current dyno sheet, would be interested to hear from those who have tuned with E85 as to wether or not the current set-up will work with E85. (Note : boost drops off due to the restrictor on the turbo - Stupid class rules!) Engine Specs: Forged Pistons (High Comp) Cometic Head Gasket Tomei Cams Adjustable Cam gears (not played with yet) 550cc injectors Custom exhaust Manifols GT2876R (modified for external gate) Tial 38mm External Gate Fuel : VP MS 109