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  1. I will dig it up too, I got sick of not being able to sit up in the skyline without having to bend my neck so i switched out my gtst seats with s15 seats i used to have in my 180 (got them off the bloke who bought it off the guy a sold it too because he wanted my skyline seats hehe), lower the seating position nicely
  2. Guess who's back

    Uni took over most of my time, I will top being slack after monday next week when my last assignment is done
  3. Guess who's back

    I see some old names hanging around and a hell of a lot of new names, Well I have told silvie already but after too long of a disconnect with nissans, today I said bye bye to my jeep and took delivery of a 94 R33 GTST (with some extra bits in the boot I have to go through yet) Mostly stock but little bits done to it. Still have to take a full count of whats been done to it. One major thing is the entire exterior stuff is already done, I want to keep it as stock looking outside as possible since its going to be my daily driver. I have some interior i want to do (mainly switch out a gtr drivers seat for the currant stock gtst one and replace the seat belts) after that its going to start getting upgraded slowly (uni budget for the next 3 years). Will be off to register it on monday or tuesday (depends on uni work getting done) and then its all good to go except for one thing. I can't drive it yet, damn qld transport and their rules saying i have to resit my manual test to prove I can still do it all. I will post some pics tomorrow
  4. Buying a B4 liberty

    Being offered a straight swap of a 03 b4 for my jeep atm, I am really interested in it even if it just comes down to resale value is better than the jeep and likely to get me a better option on a skyline if i go back to my nissans. Head gaskets i am not worried about but i keep seeing topics around online about how the aus delivered models pinged majorly while under load, is there any thruth to this? Apparently there has been a full service history with a service done 4000k back and a new alternator put in and its got 190k on the clock. I am probably going to take it to APC to do a prepurchase on it with a run on their dyno as well but anything i should look for when i look it over myself other than that mentioned above?
  5. Guns

    hehe got to hold an innox version the other day, wish i could afford it. think I am going to get my 1911 again and buy a spartan in 9mm next to compliment my USP
  6. Taxi rip offs in Brisbane

    God what is happening to this country. If a cabby over charges you, you take his cab number report it to teh company you get your overcharge amount back. To the bloke who says 80 bucks an hour its not. To give you all a bit of a taxi economy lesson. If the bloke is an owner driver you will have to pay, Car repayment, licence fee's, income tax, GST, super,insurance, taxi licence (as in the number on the side of the car), EFT machine rental, petrol, all other general work to the car. Those are the ones I remember for an owner driver. For just a driver straight up you will lose half that to the owner of the car, Then you may lose half the petrol cost for the day(or maybe all of it or none of it depending on the arrangement with the cars owner you could pay more in rent and less in petrol for example), Income tax, GST, Super. so lets work this out for a driver. 80 bucks for the hour as a nice round figure, immediatly drops to 40 for rent of the car, now petrol lets say maybe 4 bucks for that hour (depends on how much driving he did and other factors but its not un heard of) thats 36, super payment for that hour 2 bucks now 34, GST has to pay the GST on the whole amount not just the 40 so thats now 26, Income tax on the 80 is 12 (and thats being generous, most cabbies i know pay a higher tax bracket) so we are now at 14. 14 bucks an hour on a good day (i am talking day drivers here btw not night drivers who's calculations work out similar but with a higher starting amount) to drive around stuck up pricks like the ones complaining here. seriously I did the job for 3 years and I met more stuck up pricks in the time doing that then i ever saw working as a bouncer. Cabbies get under award wage and the government and taxi council do everything they can to make sure it stays the way it is when they should be getting paid the same wage as a bus driver and be incorporated under the public transport systems, this would improve the lot for not just cabbies who are doing the right thing and getting screwed by the low pay while proviceding good service but would improve the customers experience by making it a more regulated industry and weeding out those drivers who should not have a licence and stopping such scams as drivers sharing licences (like a lot of the indian students do)
  7. Guns

    Let me know how it shoots dude I am looking to add one to my collection next (i love my 12g lever but 16 inch barrel is not good for skeet, only really got it so i can start bashing through the bush for pigs)
  8. Botched Home invasion/Burg

    Ok, bev could have held him under cit arrest, he can't leave weapons around the house in case of an intruder its illegal (of coarse if it just so happens to be where that object lives is a different matter wink wink) and personally this is why we should have the castle law in australia in my opinion. ohh and I am back on the forums hehe
  9. hmm might be able to make it iun the 180, depends on work and the current state its in since its going to start the process of being made inti a dedicated track car since i am just over the cop hassels
  10. krav is good another option is systema, russian martial arts developed and used by the spetsnaz. only one i know of in SA http://maps.google.com.au/maps/place?hl=en&expIds=17259&xhr=t&cp=23&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=systema+South+australia&fb=1&gl=au&hq=systema&hnear=South+Australia&cid=17397890307990241828
  11. Thinking of moving to qld

    cool. i have always been told that nsw and vic were cheap is all
  12. Thinking of moving to qld

    hmm might wanna recheck rego amounts mate its pretty steep and about to get worse, same with licences, renewal soon will cost 120 odd for 5 years
  13. Thinking of moving to qld

    you can't polish a turd. yes you can mythbusters proved it, maybe the saying should change to you can't polish an ipswich
  14. Thinking of moving to qld

    yeah these threads always go downhill, mate ignore what people say logan isn't bad its just got an old stigma of a reputation that people won't let go, I have lived here for almost 30 years and in that time I have had one problem, Working security i have seen the bad areas of brisbane and thye are not the ones with the bad reps that people say infact its usually the more affulant areas.
  15. ahh well now can't even get someone to get my contribution now. i am being moved to another store for tonight but haven't been told where, sorry guys