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  1. ####SR NRG -new products####

    i rikey gib gib sucky suck suck?
  2. food you've mixed together.

    ice cream: ricotta cheese, dash of water, vanilla bean and blend put it in the freezer and you get vanilla ice cream optionals extras: add some crushed tim tam's or microwave about 2/3 cup of crunchy peanut butter and add to the blending or banana and strawberries you can also use this as a somewhat cheesecake mix which i might make over the weekend another one of my recipes is lasagna pizza: make your lasagna as per normal on the last layer add: cheese salami capsicum sundried tomoto mushroom chilli egg and make the cheese sauce with pizza cheese so it is really thick and doughy and add some oregano
  3. Vessi's 180

    i really like what youve done with it so far vessi makes me want to buy a 180 the insulated braided lines are a great idea too. for the cost and effort involved its much better to be safe than sorry keep up the good mods as youre turning it into quite the weapon plus one from plus plus
  4. Connex for Cancer Day

    i hope all of connex die of cancer
  5. I need a new cat

    the funny thing is that you point out my complaining but acknowledge and delete the pic anyway. good work, keep it up.
  6. I need a new cat

    www.learntomodforums.com/pikachu if you want to ban me for an "inappropriate image" the least you can do is remove it lol gg and for the record decapitated is another word for beheaded. the cat clearly has a head. what if i posted a pic of pharlap would that be considered offensive? pharlap is dead.
  7. yeah that sucks waht happens if someone buys it... i rekon it would be funny if someone did, cos then he has to pay the seller fees and then gets bad feedback for not having the item etc etc oh lol
  8. chauvinist

    I read HITHER as Hither, as in come hither my darling for I am Shakespeare. at least you didnt see hitler..... my vote goes to GETNBJ
  9. damn thats hot and at a killer price gl with the sale, id buy it off you right now but i have one already
  10. didn't stop you oh im sorry i thought i wrote "i just thought...." not "i have been trialing this for the past 6 weeks..." while i think your comment has some wit to it, you might want to give it some more time and come back later for a better reply
  11. oh oh i just thought of a good method for quitting!! step 1: buy a fresh pack of smokes step 2: find some porn step 3: jack off step 4: cum all over the butts of the smokes step 5: let the cravings begin
  12. ohhh the fail was supposed to go in the thread about the blind korean girl.... i guess it still sorta worked out