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  1. Under Cover Cop's

    LOL! Corruption is bending parking exclusion rules to ticket someone is it? f**king drama queens. Actually, forget the drama bit, just queens. well said.
  2. the bmx thread

    haha. paul still rides, so does toby. you heard of the trees?
  3. the bmx thread

    like others have said, you can save alot by buying from the us. dans-i hate them, theyre owned by a huge corporation that has nothing to do with bmx. ive used empire (empirebmx.com) and they are awesome. bought my mates complete bike from there, theyre in it for the bmx, not the money, unlike dans. if your over 6foot you would want a 21inch frame, or even 21.25. i ride a 20.8inch frame. which is about standard size (standard american size is 20.75). rough idea of prices: (ill do it all in aus prices that you would pay from a local shop) frame: anywhere between $400-$800 fork: about $200 bars: $130-$170 stem: $90-$120 cranks: around $250-$500(profiles) if you want to buy any profile stuff buy it from overseas, way too expensive to buy it here. pedals: $20(pc)-$120(sealed mag) sprocket: $60-150 seat: $40ish seatpost: $20-$60 seatpost clamp: $15-$40ish front wheel: too many variables back wheel: as above chain: $15ish grips: $10-25ish tyres: usually about $30-$40 definetly alot easier and cheaper to build a bike now then in the 90s. alot of complete bmxs are coming with full 4130 frame/fork/bars etc. with basically everything be made in taiwan it makes everything so much cheaper to make, and therefore sell.
  4. Show us your tats

    this thread should be in the nws section and be called show us your tits.
  5. the bmx thread

    that 1/4 isnt really big enough to have 2 people on it at the same time.
  6. the bmx thread

    it depends on the hub. some hubs you can get a bearing with a bigger id so you can run a 14mm axle, but most hubs youll have to buy a new one. how new are the spokes in your current wheels? you shouldnt really use *old* spokes because they are usually already stretched out to the max, but on freshly built wheels then you should be good to reuse the spokes, as long as you use the same rim and a hub with the same size flanges. dont worry about 14mm on the front, i run pegs and i only run 10mm(3/8) on the front. ill always run 14mm on the rear though. otherwise, yeah like judas said, slotted axles, but theyre getting hard to come by now. best bet is to drill out your dropouts to make a 14mm axle fit.
  7. the bmx thread

    yeah, thats how the photog shot it, he does alot of stuff for magazines etc.
  8. the bmx thread

    i can list everything you need to build a bike. this is my bike: this is my parts list: frame: Sputnic satelight v2a fork: Sputnic century light bars: Sunday triumph stem: Animal jump off cranks: Macneil conjoined with Ti spindle pedals: Odyssey twisted pc sprocket: Tree 22T spline drive seat: Odyssey senior seatpost: Shadow Conspiracy Ti seatpost clamp: Federal front wheel: Coaltion hub with a Sun rhyno light rim. normal spokes/nipples back wheel: Profile cassette with an Odyssey hazard light, Ti nuts, 8T driver, normal spokes/nipples chain: KMC z510HX (best bmx chain on the market) grips: Odi Longneck tyres: Animal GLH front, Odyssey path rear other misc stuff you would need: headset spacers, crank bearings.
  9. the bmx thread

    yes that would have to be a race bike or a super smooth trails bike.
  10. the bmx thread

    bah, your all soft.
  11. the bmx thread

    flatout dh looks fun, id do it, but i cant afford a dh bike. nah, that vid is old, ill post a couple of pics up, thatll do. do/did you ride the gambier park much? i prefer street over park. kind of over parks now, mainly ride street. couple of pics: at a mates trailers in country SA. big trails set, lines going everywhere, with this big wallride at the end soo much fun. wallride to whip. a pool we found, stinks like shit, is tight as all hell, but its fun to ride. and a skatepark pic for good measure. just lofting over one of the quarters at city(adel) skate. god i hate that park.
  12. spoilers

    yer they do but i want to set my car up for track and dont really want to be doin 360s on every corner lol a wing really isnt going to have that much of an effect.
  13. just reading through a few different threads and realized there are a fair few bmxers on here. so who rides? what do you ride(bike setup, and park/dirt etc)? whats your local spot? post up some pics if you have any. bmxers unite!
  14. my mate doing one (hes 16..) old vid though, does them over trails and shit now.