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  1. Roll Centre Adjustment.

    Thanks, didn't really screw that font intentionally... Unfortunately Gktech knuckles are for non-abs cars only and I want to keep my abs, but I've booked the car to fit those Gktech tie rod ends - so we'll see how it goes. I do most of the work on the car myself but in this case biggest part of the job will be alignment so I think I'll let the shop do the whole thing
  2. Hey all, I've got a leaky tie rod end bushing so I bought myself a new one with bump steer adjustment. Now my question is does it even make sense to adjust bump steer on tie rod end without adjusting ball joint on LCA, or would it actually make things worse?
  3. Touch-up paint on boot floor

    Ok, sounds like a primer + dynamat will be the solution for it. Wanted to avoid using heavy dynamat...
  4. Hey all. I want to touch up boot floor paint is s15, however i don't know where to get the code from. Car itself is white but bootfloor looks grey/silver. Is it just some sort of fancy primer? Or what did Nissan use to paint boot panels with?
  5. Build thread? Now with cams!

    So I decided to make another attempt to improve cooling on the track as the car was always getting a little too hot and I had to do cooling laps, which was very annoying. After doing some reading I found that undertrays actually to really help so I made one out of aluminium sheet. I guess we'll see how it goes in couple of weeks. If it actually makes a difference I might make something a little bit better.
  6. Cams, vct, lag

    Just get poncams. I didn't feel any more lag. See my build for install and dyno on standard turbo http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2449306&pid=2088643849&st=0entry2088643849
  7. Ok, cool, that makes sense. Another question, I have one clamp - how do I check if it's inlet or outlet? Apparently they are different....
  8. As I said the wastegate is genuine. Just need some hardware to fit it up.
  9. Hey guys, So I've got myself a genuine tial 44mm mvr wastegate. However since I bought it used it was missing a valve seat and vband flanges. I was thinking since these parts are not as critical as quality diaphragm for instance I could just order fake gate from AliExpress and gate seat and flanges from it. Price wise it would cost about the same, but potentially I'll have more spare parts this way.
  10. Even Nistune can control boost nowadays, making it possible to set right depending on the fuel you run
  11. S15 drivers side Window Motor

    Also, before you buy it. Get your motor out and plug it to battery directly to make sure it really is faulty. I had an issue, checked with voltmeter, thought everything was fine but it ended up being faulty relay.
  12. S15 drivers side Window Motor

    Go to windowmotor.com.au They sell OEM replacement motors. Brand new ones for about $100
  13. S15 thermo fans

    Also in my setup the sensor is bolted to water neck - it's not water temperature sensor, so it's a little slower to react, that's why the temps are lower
  14. S15 thermo fans

    I had separate control for fans too. Do you have any ducting or air guides for the radiator or even Undertray? How stable is your temp around the track?
  15. S15 thermo fans

    I have nismo low temp thermostat, I believe it opens at 62deg