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  1. if knock above a hundred or so it should come up. if doesn't check engien light upon turning the ignition
  2. G-Corporation is selling kit for the S15 and other cars. http://www.g-corporation.co.jp/product/ccfl/index.html Not a big fan personally.
  3. FFVII - Crisis Core [psp]

    That's awsome P S14 Can't wait for the demo. AC I have already got but I guess I won't mind watch the Blu-ray version on the PS3. On the topic of FFVIII, I remember I even had a cut scene graber software for it. and FFX, it was pretty good IMO a bit plain I agree, enjoyed the story though and led me to play FFX-2, tried to get the 100% completion to see the happy ending, but realised that I missed a thing half way! damn! yes, I have a soft spot for FF series but disliked FF9.
  4. FFVII - Crisis Core [psp]

    It was awsome (but sad) to see the ending scene and I also got a bit excited on what square teased us with.. hehe, you guys will see what I mean! Don't go youtubing it now!!! Oh yeah ZeroFallen, it could be a good news for us that we can start a new game+, meaning you get to retain all the equipment and status etc. and play the game all over again.
  5. FFVII - Crisis Core [psp]

    the missions gets way hard as you progress, but getting the 100% rating is satisfying, plus you get 2 awsome items for completion
  6. FFVII - Crisis Core [psp]

    Hey guys, just finished the game last night with all missions completed as well it was so sad nearly made me cry, don't want to spoil any thing but ... *sniff*. Best game for the PSP hands down.
  7. hey, they should go well with 235/45 for 17X8 & 255/40 for 17X8 1/2
  8. well, it's definately a RS rim. series 7 & 8 (V & VI in Japan) RS have same rims.
  9. S15 buying

    I did. All you need to do is take care when buying one. It's not hard really. But on that note, most AUS spec will be at a better condition outside; in Japan garages are considered to be a luxury!
  10. yeah, hope I wont have to do it for a while. Love the fact how the oil filter is really easy to access though, way better than silvias 51CAZ do you live around southside brisbane? think I saw you metioned it somewhere.. anyhow I do so hopefully I'd be able to see you drive by sometime. its all good now, got the car registered thanks nvmyer and 51caz, great help guys. be able to show my car soon, washed it today and detailed the interior little by myself
  11. any MX5 owners here?

    well, I dont own one but I like them a lot sure they it might be a convertible (don't really like Jap convys), but they are hot IMO. light weight FR FTW
  12. hi nvmyre, thanks for your help, still can't find it checked under the alternator but there is no way I can see the number unless I start to take off parts around it. I try again tomorrow see what comes up. cheers
  13. Hey guys just a quick question regarding the engine number location for FD. tried to find it at where the maintenance book described but since it was a simplistic drawing, I can't get the exact location of the number. and since the engine bay has lttle room, I can't get my head under to check properly Can anyone please help me out, beign trying for ages
  14. So who here still owns a rotary

    Just got myself my first rotary yesterday it's a series 8, and was dreaming about it the night! love it to bits, pics soon