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  1. Aftermarket Sun roof

    yea but you can remove the glass easily so the top is full open if you wanted to
  2. Aftermarket Sun roof

    ????? a fair bit lol i would say this is inaccurate. The difference between the price is the pop up sunroofs or electric. Ive put a sunroof in my old car, a pop up style one and it wasnt even of the same make car. Didnt leak or rust no probs at all cause i did it right the first time. I suggest go to a wrecker, get the pop up sunroof glass off an S13, locks, fittings, rubber seal and inner roof lining. Get an angle grinder cut out the shape on your roof, file the edges & rust proof it, fit the rubber seal, inner lining, glass and locks. Respray whole roof black then youre all set. Shouldnt leak or anything if you do it right, ideally should be exactly like a stock s13 sunroof. Pop ups are pretty simple.
  3. N.S Theif

    If it were alot of money you could take him to court. although a baseball bat is cheaper than court fees
  4. Ford Festiva

    Nothing cool about a festiva, get an SX Corolla or GTI for sure, goes heaps harder and still a 1.6 EFI and similar costs Toyotas never say die, those 4age's are strong. Plenty of aftermarket + service parts out there
  5. insurance on s13 silvias

    cant you put it under your parents name?
  6. S14 or 180sx

    I reckon to a non Nissan enthusiast s14 would appear to be the better choice as it is basically newer looking I cant believe the price difference of both are comming so close together nowadays
  7. insurance on s13 silvias

    Just car sounds expensive I pay total 440 per year with NRMA for Third Party Property and i pay monthly, so it would be cheaper if i was to pay annually and thats a turbo import 26 y/o driver
  8. Intake filters

    Im confused i thought you said u were looking at the 'Power intake kit' doesnt that include all the piping and turbo? Why is everyone comparing that to a $30 pod filter only? having said that $300 for the kit is still pretty steep, i bought full fabricated piping from the turbo, all fittings, k&n pod and z32 AFM for about $300, works alright
  9. Dyno Read Out..

    you could just get a boost controller and up the boost a bit
  10. Which 180sx is better

    you must have hit a pigeon, they only makes noise when you change gears My opinion get the SR20DET non type x. Save some cash, type x's are overated, just 180 with a plastic kit and few xtras wow. They dont perform any better than a normal SR S13.
  11. N.S Theif

    yea x2, or if i have to buy it interstate i do a quick check on the name on the forums to see if the person is legit he doesnt look like much, if you really need the money back just go the address, knock on the door and drop the (unt. Then ask for your money back Mauy Thai knee in the face, bring your mates along for the intimidating factor Well its enevitable hes gonna get it one day, if not you he will scam the wrong guy and find himself in hospital, fu(ken prick.....
  12. wow missed out big time 7.5k Came accross this beauty at work today; http://www.shannons.com.au/pages/auctions/lot.jsp?id=Q5OB1953CZCR99FF screw 30 grand immac 10 yr old s15's id rather this collectable for sure. Dont know why it was so cheap
  13. the dreaded legality issues

    thought you would of got more power with those mods and a 71R Ive been defected for battery clamp and BOV, he could have booked me for various other things but from the start i said this is how i bought it and didnt know. So i guess that cop felt a little bit of empathy....
  14. p plate exemption

    what happens if you get caught? (im not on my ps just curious)
  15. 1967 Nissan Silvia

    i see the value in it, heaps of datsun/nissan enthusiasts out there that would pay a heap for it. eg the first skylines, 240/260'z etc this is actually alot more rare than the zeds.
  16. 180sx CA Front Lip

    where did you find that man are there any more?
  17. Complete Noob

    I dont reckon getting your licence at 18 is late at all, getting it at 28 yes. there is a Silvia special Ignition DVD out there somewhere thats a start to getting your car "souped up".
  18. man it could be as simple as bent knuckle
  19. hey, Just got my SR20DET S13 back from the tuners, from 171rwkw to 222.7rwkw and the car goes amazing im really pleased with the result. Took ages on the Dyno and costed a fair bit but in the end im happy to pay for quality work. The only issue was that the wastegate actuator didnt allow more than 17psi boost and the graph shows it to pretty much even out and drop off after 6000rpm. The dude said he could have put in a new spring for me and keep going on the dyno and we'll possibly see around 240rwkw but i weighed up the dyno time and my wallet and i was out, do it next time. If i get a new spring for the wastegate and put it in myself would i need to go back to the tuner you reckon? also anyone have any links/info on how to do this? thanks,
  20. thanks for the advice man, i would have put all in myself but i dont live close to the tuner so cant drive it from mine to there with it installed without tune. Plus at the time i was under the impression it was all easy to install anyway as you said so should cost too much. Also i dont have a hand controller all this is good to know, need to find a cheaper tuner in Sydney i reckon might leave it as is for a few months then will get a new wastegate then a tune and call it quits for this car. cheers
  21. ECU is a Power FC, got it done at Envy Dyno in Brooky - i thought they had a good rep thats why i went there.... If you want to know a place that really fu*ks you around - Advan Performance in Auburn. Thats the place i went before and that experience was an absolute nightmare but i wont get into it now. T2860rs 0.64 52 trim is what i have, 230kw? in that case going aftermarket cams and gears wont be worth it then if i already pulling 222kw. esp when Poncams are 800 a pair and cam gears are like 200. actually spent over a grand there, the extra 400 was for bit of fabrication of my alloy induction pipe (+ 1 bend), re wire AFM, plug in the injectors, and spark plug change. i thought that was a bit steep but the bad thing is they dont tell you how much it is costing till the end when they calculate the bill.
  22. i was going off what i was told, the actuator spring. i payed $200 per hour on the dyno costed $600 for a tune of + Walbro pump, Z32 and 740's - is that bad? probably is the turbo maxing out - yea that did cross my mind, the T2860RS is only rated at 220kw..... i was told i could get 240kw, and possibly see 260rwkw if i get aftermarket cams and adj cam gears. would you bother with actuator spring? or just leave it? thanks,
  23. Almost brand new s15

    35k? tell im hes dreeeeamin'
  24. damit i was hoping youd say otherwise.... $100? whats the going rate for dyno time?