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  1. Gauges

    look into Turbosmart Eboost 2 guage if u got the funds
  2. Reverse panda?

    i reckon reverse panda looks ghetto, looks like mismatched body panel colours
  3. Fuel Gauge Just Broke

    yea i'd agree with that 13 - 14 liters/ 100km, i should of said 10 liters would be on the limit.
  4. I got coilovers put in 'professionally' and i believe they fu*ked around with that panel to get to the strut top. They must of broken a clip or something and now it vibrates every time carrying in gear (didnt do it be4). annoys the shi7 out of me, so my advice is dont break any of the clips.
  5. that updated photo looks schmick, just leave it as is man i reckon
  6. Fuel Gauge Just Broke

    well i hardly ever fill a full tank, but i measure it by approximating 10 litres per 100km's which is being very safe
  7. Fuel Gauge Just Broke

    just use the odometer counter thing, thats what i do
  8. I just changed my injectors in my s13 SR20DET Redtop and they were grey colour, and they were definately the stock ones 370cc. Possibly the blacktop SR had purpley blue?
  9. Hey guys, just want to ask is it bad to have oversized injectors of the application? ie, 740cc Nismo injectors on an SR20DET, T28 Disco, Z32 AFM, Walbro Pump and Power FC is this overkill to get 220rwkw? like is this going to cause problems eg fuel consumption - cause 550cc's will do but the price diff is not much..... thanks,
  10. different ECUs.

    or, if you wanna save some cash go for a uni chip piggy back, i have one for sale if you want it comes attached with stock ECU for S13 redtop sr20det.
  11. You Dirty Dirty Girl!

    There is a car detailer / petty station near my place that does this all for 20 bux more ie $150 and the wax is Carnauba or some shit. Comes out immac and you dont have to lift a finger just watch it get done for you. Thats what i'd suggest take it to a decent car detailer and say take the gum off the paint, easy as.
  12. Integra Seats

    Ive got a pair of Honda CRX bucket seats with seat rails for s13 if youre interested pm me
  13. do a google search theres heaps of info how to spot fake bride seats, i would know cause i researched it when i was looking for a pair.
  14. The steering wheel shakes.

    yea x2, you probably lost some of the weights or (riped straight off the net) Very often the wheel/tyre assemblies on a vehicle may be in balance but you still feel a vibration. Here are some of the other causes of vibration: • Bent wheel • Tyre out of round (radial or lateral runout) • Wheel to axle mounting error • Inconsistent tyre sidewall stiffness (force variation) • Brake component wear or failure • Drive train or engine component wear or failure • Suspension wear or failure • Wheel bearing wear of failure • Wheel alignment is out
  15. something weird with spacers

    take it to a suspension place and they'll probably burn ya for having spacers. Best taking it to them without them on saves the lecture
  16. sorry just read it again, you say it happens even when engine is warm - test your fuel pump relay
  17. most likely a cold start tune issue (do a search youll probably find out more about it) i have the same problem on my s13 sr20det but i just deal with it It just runs lean when cold then 10mins into driving its back to normal. Plus ive got a 550HP Walbro pump, so yea it isnt the pump for me its the tune.
  18. Alarm Help

    take it to an auto electrician, at least if it goes off it wont be outside your house.
  19. Do you get your A/C serviced?

    nah it was cold on/off, more off than on this was on my old car, i sold it as is and forgot to mention it i never used it so just forgot i had air con altogether But when i did take it to a mechanic that did the regas he said it was because the air con hadnt been used often enough - the car was not heaps old, a 2000 model
  20. something weird with spacers

    are tehy all the same wheel widths and offset?
  21. Do you get your A/C serviced?

    Ive had bad experiences with air con be4 thats why i never really use it, the pipes clogged up somewhere so when you turn the ac on the pipes are cold as on one side, then warm on the other so it didnt flow through. I think this happens if you dont use ac for ages. result; wet drivers side floor everytime you turn ac on. never got it fixed after a $80 regas, might do it this summer.
  22. but yea choose your own colors, who are you trying to impress yourself or others?
  23. is this for a silvia or 180? 2 tone champagne color silvia Gunmetal grey 180 with black top, wait a sec thats my car
  24. fitting swaybars

    Cant be too hard to work out can it? just jack the car up, take the old one out and replace with new. Have you attempted it yet?
  25. Punctured Tyre - Need Help!

    yea just cut your losses dude, do a quick fix and a massive burn out