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  1. hey, im after a tow bar for my S13 180sx, does anyone know where to get one from? they are impossible to find.... thanks,
  2. Hey, Ive done a search but found nothing exact for what im asking. Basically just want to know can JDM S15 brown colored 480cc injectors handle 220kw in the following engine: S13 SR20DET Redtop GT2860RS Disco Potato 0.64 exhaust (dont know the rest) Power FC Z32 AFM 500HP Walbro fuel pump Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 3 inch exhaust all the way inc fr and dump pipe unknown cat stock internals will this get 220kw runing at no more than 80% duty? thanks,
  3. Tow Bar for S13 180sx

    sorry should of mentioned im in Sydney. $60 was a guess for a second hand one, based on the one i bought for my old car. yea if i cant find a second hand one ill have to find out about fabricating one. cheers
  4. JDM S15 Injectors

    thanks for the offer man, had i knew you had em be4 i found out bout this hi flow business i would have snaped them up. But ill see how this hi flowing thing goes first Thanks for the info, roughly how much per injector did you pay if you dont mind me asking?
  5. Tow Bar for S13 180sx

    there is a big difference between finding a approx $60 tow bar and buying a whole nother car just for towing purposes. does anyone know who makes tow bars?
  6. JDM S15 Injectors

    nice, let you know how i go i actually still have the stock injectors at the moment, was thinking of my options to upgrade. I cant find any 550 or 740 side feeds second hand (n i cant fund new ones atm) only thing i can find are JDM S15 ones, might look into the high flow of my stockies cheers guys.
  7. Tow Bar for S13 180sx

    just need to raise and stiffen the coilovers if i were pulling something really big a 125cc dirt bike is not that heavy
  8. Tow Bar for S13 180sx

    yea i know that, neither are alot of cars but they still have em (for example i got one for my old FWD 1.6ltr SX corolla back in the day, pulled a 600cc track bike ok) would be good to have the flexibility of having the extra use for the car i want to tow my 125cc trail bike to my gf parents farm, and i would need to bring it back and forth every now and again. I can borrow my dads trailer but he wont let me take his beloved Hilux, n i dont know anyone with a tow bar so im outta options as i only have the 180. any ideas where to get a tow bar?
  9. Cutting wheel studs

    Thats exactly right, just get an open end nut screw it on, get the angle grinder cut it, then back of the nut slowly it cleans up the thread. Works well ive done it before i dont reckon the thread die nut is needed, tip for when you put the longer ones in use the open end nut to pull through the new stud along with some grease -easy as
  10. pivot sleepy eyes for 180sx

    yea, they are international sellers though. As for any problems after, i did this about 6 months ago and i drive the car every day, havent had any problems with it
  11. pivot sleepy eyes for 180sx

    but if you want it you can get them off ebay
  12. pivot sleepy eyes for 180sx

    i followed that link before, it works good dont bother with the controller man spend zero dollars for the same thing.
  13. Hi there, I recently got the Disco Potato turbo put in my s13 with Power FC, 3in exhaust, air filter and front mount. I still have the stock 370cc injectors, AFM and fuel pump and it made 171 RWKW on a safe tune @ 8 PSI with injectors and fuel pump maxed out. Just want to ask what are the consequences of running lean in high RPM? The car is a work in progress but I have a massive urge to take it to WSID before i have more cash for fuel pump, injectors & another tune. Is this a bad idea?
  14. Running Lean at High RPM

    thanks for the advice dude but i think ill stick to AFM for the moment - theres just less work involved than doing a MAP conversion. looks like youve taken the harder rout are those Sards side feed? but yea 226kw sounds good if i could get that id be happy too. maxxed out and safe - your right that doesnt make sense. Well its official the fuel pump now is dead. The cold start tune was shit but bearable and just seemed to get worse and worse over the last week. The other night i drove it for bout 15 mins, turned it off came back 1 hour later and wouldnt start. Was cranking but nothing more. Checked the AFM plug, but the problem was when you turn the accessories on the fuel pump doesnt make that humming noise. So im gussing its dead and no fuel supply. Ive been told its not uncommon in turbo cars stock pumps fail even with light mods. So thats next on the list just gotta figure out how to put one in. bradsm87 - so youre saying if you change the fuel pump without tune should be alright for a little while street driving aye, thats same with injector change? I know that if you change the AFM the tune goes way out of wack. Sorry for the stupid questions but just want to be sure cause last thing i want is more problems with my car. cheers,
  15. Running Lean at High RPM

    3" exhaust **typo**
  16. Running Lean at High RPM

    Good advice, i was hoping you guys would say differently but i guess i'll wait until i take it on a track. Further research on leaning out basically more combustion chamber heat leading to melted plugs, melted pistons, cracked heads, overheating engine, blown head gasket Yea well live and learn hey. Ideally for any build there has to be a well thought out plan which i stupidly didnt do. In the end I pretty much lost $250 worth of dyno time. Im using the standard AFM as well. ok sorry i should have been more precise, it does creep up to 10psi i stated 8 because thats what the mechanic said. It is a .64, 3 in dump & front pipes and cat unknown - has not been boosted. The dyno printout states 171.5KW @ 172KPH. Also if i get the fuel pump only as you suggested i would need another tune before i take it to WSID is that right? I dont have a hand controller for the PFC My plan is Nismo 740cc drop in side feed injectors approx $1000 BN Bosch 040 Fuel Pump approx $250 BN Z32 AFM Approx $200??? (is this right?) Before i get another tune with all this, have i left out anything that will give a substantial gain? Someones going to say 'depends on how much you want to gain' basically if this turbo is rated @ 320HP, i want to see arond 220KW would be nice On another note anyone have these parts second hand they want to sell in the near future?
  17. rta inspection

    probably saw ur car on the lawn and was gonna give u an offer..... coincidently just so happens he works at the RTA man putting 5 grand down on the papers is nothing to worry bout,
  18. where to find 175/50/15 tyres in sydney

    i had to source unusual size tyres on my old car, these guys have a large variety 7 Days Tyres & Wheels 15-21 Parramatta Rd Granville 9760-2500 or 9760-2600
  19. coilover opinions?

    ok slow down champion, all i said was the BC coilovers are stiff and handle well. i didnt say they handle well because they are stiff i agree with what youve said, riding on stiff as blocks is rediculous and stupid and get less contact with the road. But having a harder spring rate within reason is beneficial for performance. ease up mate take it easy
  20. coilover opinions?

    ive got BC coilovers, havent taken them on the track yet but had them on the car for bout 2 weeks now,and they are pretty stiff and handle well. 1200 bucks best money on the car ive spent yet. As far as the adjustablity of height, i havent touched em, cant be assed cause just takes too long. The damper feature is good, i play with that all the time..... Camber adjusting, meh i will play with that when i take it on the track, no point changing this for street use. I dont think more adjustablity is bonus if you dont use it on the track (well in my case anyways) If its use for just a street car i wouldnt be too concerned with adjustablity.
  21. Pod or flat air filter? S15

    just get the panel man, so much easier just drop it in then thats it.
  22. these guys have everything you need, http://www.niceproducts.com.au/catalogues/wheel/wheel.php i got my longer studs from them for my old car and i was running floating spacers. Which is all good if you have the longer studs to compensate the wider trak, i had no issues for the 5 years or so i had em on the rears. Wouldnt trust it on the track though id go for bolt on hub spacers, if not use correct offset wheels to begin with - saves any doubts.
  23. man before all that 3 yr green p shi7 everything was so much more easy going. When i was on my red ps, 90percent of the time i wouldnt have p plates on because kids on my street would always tax em. Every time i got pulled over i just said that n was a legitamite reason at the time..... but yea i would if i were you its not hard to do, well thats if youre not trying to hide something defectable. If you are then prob best to leave em off cause youll get less attention simple.
  24. New Turbo

    hey, This is a question for someone who has had a turbo supplied, fitted and tuned from a workshop. Im worried because my s13 is in the workshop at the moment to get a GT2860RS, he had orgainised to order one then install & tune during the week and for me to pick it up at end of week. So i dont actually see the turbo before it goes in..... What should i expect to come with it? Warrenty, any books or other documents? If I recieve no paper work just a reciept from them qouting it has been installed and a figure, have i most likely been jipped and a second hand disco has been installed?? Is there a way i can tell if the turbo is legitamately brand new? experiences / opinions? thanks.
  25. New Turbo

    yea ill have a look for the housing condition I took it there because it has a good reputation this place, as for a tuner you know and trust, well you need to start somewhere.... i get it back this arvo so see how i go thanks,