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  1. "Modified" cars in ~1980's Japan

    what about the GSR Cordia Turbo, they were up there with the best of em back then, they just dont get the respect they deserve nowadays.
  2. New Turbo

    perfect, some sound advice there thanks man.
  3. GT2860RS Installation

    Just back to your original question, my SR20DET S13 is in the workshop at the moment getting the Disco Potato, all fittings, gaskets, new studs etc, Power FC Tune for $2,400 total. This includes all parts and labour,drive in drive out job in Sydney. I havent got the complete breakdown of the figure but you can say its 1,400 for the turbo and 1,000 labour.
  4. Smoking

    I smoke in my car, the driving cig is going to be the hardest to quit
  5. Hi quick question is it possible to get a bend into a rubber oil hose? because i need it for my T25 oil drain hose, i bought a straight oil hose from Enzed and realised i need a bend, but Enzed dont stock bent oil hoses. who can i go to get it done if it is possible? thanks,
  6. Getting bends put on Oil Hose

    thanks for the help guys but i have since opted to take the car to a workshop and they are going to source the genuine part because im going the Disco Potato, so i figured i would do it once and do it properly. Pay good money for a workshop to do it. having said that if anyone wants the oil hose from enzed pm me its yours for free. thanks,
  7. Suspension for 180sx

    im in the same boat mate, im upgrading my suspension real soon. im doing exactly that - bought the coilovers and just gonna get a front whiteline swaybar and replace bushes throuout to cope with the changes.... all that other jazz ill work it out some other time when learn more about them....
  8. i say a 180 is a 180, alot of the differences get changed for aftermarket parts anyways. rather pay fair few $ less and go without the extras. Then again im not a 100% s13 nut as yet so i dont see the value....
  9. 180sx aftermarket turbo

    if you have no idea about turbos then you probably going to pay a workshop to do it - and keep in mind it aint cheap and will be stiched up about 2.5k minimum supply fit and tune, i would know im getting it done next week...
  10. NISMO STYLE FRONT LIP 2ND HAND http://www.eurotuned.com.au/classifieds/viewlisting.php?view=283 is that what you are looking for?
  11. Difference Between?

    so whats the answer?
  12. Are blow off vales legal

    just take it off and block it
  13. Getting bends put on Oil Hose

    hmmm good idea, any idea where to get one from? wouldnt that slow the flow of oil though? I paid a bit under 20 bucks included 2 hose clamps and a decent length to make at least 2 copies.
  14. same as NSW defects do not affect your licence, i should know it happened to me recently.
  15. Learner motorbikes? Whats good?

    nah man no chance, well not legaly anyway.... there are a few bigger bikes than 250s you can ride on your L's and P's eg Suzuki GS500 and the Hyosung 650 comet etc cause theyre slow as shi7, but definately not an R6 unfortunately.....
  16. Learner motorbikes? Whats good?

    ive had a ZX2R Ninja and a Aprillia RS125 brother had a cbr250 back in our days. ZX2R looked awesome and went alright but parts for it was so hard to find and was expensive.. CBR250s are everywhere, see L and P platers screaming around and looking like theyre not getting anywhere. you dont want to be one of these guys looks pretty try hard Go the 2 stroke RS125 i enjoyed that bike looks and sounds good and has a decent power band you can feel. Also a physically larger bike (not cc but the size) and lighter i believe. Servicing was more frequent and costly but worth it i reckon.
  17. Which seats to switch to?

    CRX seats are very good, they provide alot of bucket support. Having said that if you want CRX seats i have a pair on s13 rails for sale pm me......
  18. Hi there, Just want to know what is the best way to purchase a vehicle from interstate? Because i want to buy this bike from tradingpost but it is in Qld and im in Sydney (private advertisement). Its actually a project bike priced very cheap so im not to concerned with close inpection of it be4 i buy the pictures are enough at this stage. I dont want to travel all the way up to cairns for it so how would i go about getting the bike from QLD to here? what company is best to contact? whats the safest way to complete the transaction $$wise? Is there any bargaining power on my part over the phone you reckon? have you ever purchased a vehicle from a private seller interstate and never went to go see the vehicle? how did you go about organising everything? thanks,
  19. Hi all, I need a new turbo oil drain pipe for my 180sx sr20det, the hose at the bottom of the turbo. I took it to a mechanic because this was leaking oil, he replaced it with what looks to be just a normal rubber tube with no isulation. This lasted bout 2 days and now it is leaking again, i need a heat resistant hose - 4 ply sillicon i think. Im going to go to Enzed on the weekend (hopefully theyre open) just i dont know what to ask for size etc.... because ive read that i need to get the size right otherwise the oil pressure in the turbo will be affected. does anyone know what size i need? whats the length and diameter i need? Or better yet anyone have one they can sell me asap? thanks,
  20. Turbo Oil Drain on T25 S13

    can these hoses copp the heat radiating off the turbo though?
  21. Just want to ask about the different methods of adjusting camber in my 180sx. I have a 1991 S13 180sx SR20DET car came with lowered Kings 2 inches, looks to be standard struts and 17 inch alloys 215/45/17 FR 235/45/17 Rears. I went to get my tyres changed the other week to a nice pair of Faulken’s (chose the Japanese tyre over the cheaper ones paid like $155 each 215/45/17 pretty good) anyway I started to hear scrubbing on the front right pretty much every corner and over bumps (didn’t happen before the new tyres) . So I thought the dude that changed the tyre fu*ked the alignment some how so I went in for a wheel alignment to save the brand spankers, the guy was stunned bout how negative it was. The front left was only 1 degree negative and the front right was like neg 3 degrees. He said something like the rears were real bad too and the fronts looked like they were set to counter the rears (don’t know exactly what he ment). Anyways he said there’s nothing that can be done with the stock control arms etc the most he can move it was only 1 degree each way. So the Front right is still way out (ill get the resulting figures later).. I paid $40 for the alignment but still killing my new tyres. He says the best thing to do is run cheap tyres and that’s it – or get a camber kit. At the time I wasn’t and prob still not 100% sure what exactly a camber kit consists of….. Now ive done some research but theres so much out there it can be confusing. Whats my best option here in regards to the cheapest and easiest option (to fix the front camber – ill deal with the rears some other time). Those adjustable camber plates that go on the top of the strut towers (can these be used with the standard struts, just replace the top?). Camber Bolts Adjustable front upper control arm Whats the diff between these, like they all do the same thing yet people opt for different things???….. Is there anything else I can do to adjust camber? Thanks,
  22. Adjusting Camber

    thanks guys some good advice there. Ended up taking it to Pedders suspension for a full report, turns out the main reason why my right camber was so far out is because the knuckle is bent inwards, and all the bushes are worn, few other things too but i cant remember atm. Im still waiting for the actual report to be emailed to me but yea he suggested id be up for bout $1,400. having said that does anyone know where i can get the knuckle from?
  23. Hi, I recently purchased a 180SX SR20DET off a forum, it came with all these mods and goes pretty well and looks even better. I got pulled over last night at a random breath test station, thinking i was all sweet as i hadnt had a drop - turns out the car had few things that are defectable which sucks cause i just forked out $$$ for it now i have to spend more to make it legal. Anyways just want to ask, with the atmo blow off valve can you make any BOV 'plumbed back'? or is it only certain models that can be plumbed back? the car came with this BOV: Turbosmart Multi-Fit Series Type 1 Blow-Off Valve http://www.nolimitmotorsport.com/prod/fg-bov-001 can you get like some sort of plumb back adaptor for it, or will i have to buy another BOV that has the plumb back option? I have searched, this set up appears to be the easiest i want to make up somthing like this (5th post down by ROB784) http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=354876&hl=BOV+setup either that or should i just take it off and block it off with something whats easier to pass the inspection? im trying to find a solution on the net but im a little confused can someone please just quickly straighten this out for me? thanks,
  24. Question about Atmo BOV

    yea ended up taking it off on the weekend, blocked it with this rubber plug type thing from Clark Rubber had to duct tape it down as a just in case it pops out. The car does not back fire what so ever anymore which is good, can hardly hear the flutter though and thats on 10psi. Overall i agree, the BOV just brings unwanted attention, but the car does almost stall when im out of gear and rolling to a stop, but that was happening when i had the BOV anyways, ill get a tune later (when i get the T28). still no BOV just runs better i reckon. ive got till wednesday to get the blue slip / defect clearence, ive booked it with a mechanic on Wednesday. So far ive fixed all of the defects except the battery clamp/bracket. Might start a quick thread cause i cant find anything specific about it. How have you guys got yours clamped down with a FMIC? Zelliam - have you got a picture of how youve done it? thanks,
  25. Question about Atmo BOV

    ok cool thanks, i will take it off looks to be easiest just 2 nuts and block off from the IC piping and where the nipple part goes to. so no BOV what so ever is ok? im not fussed about the fins on the turbo at all as i will need to change the T25 as it whines anyway (not sure as to why but i will just replace the whole thing when i get more $$) as long as it does not damage the engine should be alright whats best to use to block it off? Im not really keen on the 'coke bottle top' idea as i have read cause mechanic sees that might be a bit how u goin and might not pass me. Also, another quick question while im at it, i got done for not having my battery bolted down as the IC piping goes down in the place where the battery was. It has been replaced by a smaller battery that is wedged between the IC piping and the side of the engine bay. how have you guys got yours set up? any example pics? I want to get this car 100% legal so i dont have to go through all this again...... thanks,