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  1. Hi friends,

    On a S13 redtop sr20det does anyone know what the pin out is for the engine side loom? I.e from the ecu to the coil packs plug? There should be five pins, 1 for each coil and 1 power, just need to know which one is which on a stock loom.

    Reason being is I’ve got a micro tech ecu and it’s got a custom loom connected to the stock coil pack which has also been cut up to a custom plug. Now I got a plug and play spitfire coil packs for a redtop SR, so I don’t know which coil should line up to each pin from the spitfire igniter... if I can find out what the stock engine side loom is then I can just make up a loom and plug it in (I’ve got a blank loom ready to go)

    For the reason above I’m looking for the pin out (ie looking at it front on left to right, top row then bottom row) rather than colour ID 

    Cheers guys!

  2. Hi guys,


    Ive decided to sell my car as i need money for a overseas trip.


    full details here;




    Quick details;


    180SX SR20DET 2 litre turbo


    few months old Garret T2860RS ball bearing turbo (bought brand new)

    Nismo 740cc injectors

    550HP Walbro Fuel Pump

    z32 AFM, K&N pod, alloy induction

    Apexi POWER FC

    Front mount Intercooler

    3 inch exh pipes all the way inc front and dump pipes

    Dyno's at 222.7 rwkw on 15psi boost at Envy Dyno in Brooky


    BC Fully Adjustable coilovers (bought brand new)

    Drift pineapples

    Locked Diff


    plus a heap more click the link


    oils changed 1,000 km ago and at every 5,000 km using Motul oils, well kept, fresh 6 months rego i just put on the weekend


    selling for 11k


    I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on this car over the past 12 months or so, i was building it for drift but have not taken it on the track.


    big mods, top shelf parts used - not really much left to do its definately track ready. Goes exceptionally hard, and handles really well its an absolute weapon, really really fun to drive. When it hits boost you just get pushed back in ur seat.


    wish i could keep it and hurts me to let it go, but my loss is your gain


    any more info please call



    0411 817 389


    car is in Northern Beaches, Sydney

  3. Mate seriously,


    Ask yourself what you want IN THE LONG RUN.


    Do you just want a looks car?

    Or will you want a turbo sports/performance car?


    Have you driven a turbo car before?

    If no, once you do, you most likely will want a turbo, as would everyone else


    Trust me when i tell you that you don't want to buy something with plans to change to it to a turbo, or change anything for that matter, later on down the track

    Because 9 times out of 10, it won't happen.

    Once you see how much is involved, how much money it costs, circumstances won't allow you to, etc etc etc

    And the result is, you'll end up HATING the car.


    Buy it once, and buy it the way you want

    Make sure you like the colour, bodykit, interior, rims, whatever

    You have to be happy with it that way you buy it


    If you buy the autech, you'll start modifying it, changing things, you start liking it, and won't want to sell to buy turbo

    The only problem is that if you want a turbo on it, you'll be spending alot of money to convert it.

    Have patience, save your money, and when you're off P's, get yourself what you like.


    Just my 2c


    well said bro

  4. terry.


    do not go and buy those rims you linked.


    18x7.5? your kidding right.


    look at something atleast in the 9.5 range for the rear.


    go into the offset thread


    go to rimtuck.com


    research your shit, buy some jap rims. you can get brand new works for roughly 1.6-2k or cst hyperzeros.


    both being decent jap quality.


    yea youre right aye, sometimes local wheels can be tempting but in the end might aswell do it right the first time. I think im going to wait till i have a bit more spare cash for em.



  5. what a stupid question


    mines liek 8-9 cm and i wouldnt call that heaps


    I dont think it is, just trying to find out what to what extent people consider as 'deep dish'


    surprised no one has condemned this to the offset thread...


    did cross my mind before i started it but i think this topic is slightly different and more specific to size of the rims lip rather than wheel offset.


    well first up, wat kind of car you got and wats the purpose of it?

    does it have wide guards and wat size tires you wanting to run??


    I have a 180sx, stock guards (but rolled), stock 4 stud, fully adj coilovers

    I want to use it as a daily, few drag runs at WSID, and want to try drift school and at least 1 track day (circut. So mainly daily and drag.

    Its pushing over 220rwkw and normal tyres dont seem to cut it in a straight line. So i want to get some road legal semis on the rears and decent street tyres on the fronts.


    looking at these in 18's, 4 stud staggered fitment. Going for pretty cheap 1.4k package (well with shi7house tyres, but add few hunge for 2x Toyo R888s. Problem is i just dont know how it will look on my car, apparently the lip is approx 2 inch which is about 5cm. After this thread i dont think 5cm is big enough....




    i have 120 and 130ish mm.


    you have dish, AND deep dish


    where can i get something like that?

  6. Just shopping for some new wheels cause i want to get some semi slicks but not on the rims i have


    so ive decided i want something with a lot of dish somethin really rediculous (well that is in 4 stud)


    seems alot of ads say deep dish but nowadays that can mean anything apparently 50mm is massive dish!


    what would you consider 'deep dish', i mean in millimeters.



  7. find the paint code on your VIN plate and go into like autobarn, repco or supercheap


    they wont have colours off the shelf for most import cars, i should know cause i tried to get it for my gunmetal grey s13 and they dont have the code. You need to get it mixed by a automotive paint shop - from there they can put it into a can or whatver you need