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  1. I've got the same rattle on my car as well, I've got a MetalCat which has only been on the car for around 20,000km. I'll check the cat, but I don't think that is the problem.
  2. In the S15: Small socket set Zip Ties Leatherman Tool First Aid kit Some spare hose Flare (JDM standard) Rags
  3. What are you basing this on? How is an aristo with a 2JZ slow?, correct me if im wrong but toyotas actually come with much better suspension geometry than a silvia....
  4. My new rims, Work XD9's 17 x 9.5 +17 all round, just some pictures of the trial fitting, ill grab some tires next week.
  5. Toyota Celsior, wearing WEDS Bazreias, 19x11.5 -36 with Falken 452 265/35/19 tires on the rear and 19x10 -16 with Falken 452 225/35/19 tires up front
  6. Hey guys, just need to know if there are any tire shops open today, I got a puncture last night and want to go for a drive up to the hills today, thats not much fun when your running round on a spacesaver wheel Im located in northern suburbs.... Cheers
  7. looks good, would prob space the rear out another 5-10mm and more low will look awesome
  8. drift

    LOL at the comments under the video hahahahaha
  9. 19 inch! wheels that look like this ?

    Those wheels on the 180 are Bee*R's, you can see the red R on the front wheel if you look closely, the car looks like nigels new 180, which I think is running 17's?? Anyway imho 19's look poo on a S15... harden up, get smaller wheels and dump it on its arse, none of this 10cm crap...

    BAHAHAHAHA! whining about stickers, yet has the gayest personolised number plate ever.... nice car though
  11. S15 frosted headligts

    ^^ ADM S15's have glass covers instead of the perspex dont they??
  12. Delete

    That is awesome, thats exactly how a Mark II should be done, clean and simple
  13. Holy hell @ this HEAT!

    I have been doing door to door sales this week, f**king hot!! the only good thing is that when I get home at 9 im so exhausted from the heat that I sleep like a baby
  14. stolen: my daily s15

    Sorry to hear man, thats f*cked, and very strange considering it had a 3 point immobiliser, I will keep a look out in the north..
  15. Blitz converts R35 GT-R to manual and RWD

    Yeah, you can't even see it from space. hahaha shot down!! By the way, is that an oval test track with banked curves built around the factory??