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  1. Vodafone Bill argument

    Definately contact the obudsman. i racked up a 7g bill after going overseas. Before i left i called telstra to upgrade my data pack AND activate international roaming with the same consultant, the consultant failed to tell me that the data pack would not apply overseas. Rang telstra and they told me "too bad" and the best they could do was wipe off 1grand. Told them to get F&$@ed. They cut my service after that lol Contacted the obudsman the next day, then recieve a call from telstra within 3 days saying they will waive all data charges and only charge me the phone calls i made. Which only cost me $300. They shit bricks when the obudsman gets involved!
  2. Dog free to good home

    Wow thats a great looking dog! Is she still available? I might be keen
  3. The Youtube Thread

    Seriously..... whats the world coming to! If she gets signed to a label and i hear that shit everywhere i go...Im rampaging!
  4. The Youtube Thread


    Love that sound! Everytime i hear that sound it sends shivers down my spine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vuqMyGDFJA disregard the qdance. Had it for years, never gets old Disregard the qdance? Thats the best part lol

    Love that sound! Everytime i hear that sound it sends shivers down my spine
  7. Been sacked for a funny reason?

    Just out of curiousity, What trade school do you goto? Because the amount of Dickheads i see exiting kangan tafe at coburg like heroes is f**king crazy. If i was a copper i would sit outside that tafe at 4:30pm everyday and id gurantee 3 tows!
  8. Must see movies?

    Im shocked that heat isnt in that list either! Heat has to be one of the best
  9. Best sounding engines

  10. JSA imports on bell street

    The dudes a total f**khead!
  11. The Youtube Thread

    ^^ That video is questionable, Doubt its real
  12. Different type of funeral wake?

    If that's what he wanted, then good on him! I dont think this is wrong at all! A person should have the right to be sent off in any matter they choose. f**k what anyone else thinks
  13. HARDSTYLE thread

    I dont like where hardstyle is heading! 2002 - 2005 was the best years for hardstyle, now its just turning to rubbish! Main culprit being Headhunterz. His old productions were good but now its just rubbish. Defqon1 2010 Aus anthem for a example!
  14. The Youtube Thread

    His got some serious mental issues