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  1. Hey guys, Selling my Oculus Rift & Razer Hydra as a combo(Gumtree) Located in Adelaide, S.A. Both items are in great condition, reason for sale - Haven't been used in a while, don't need it sitting around.. Cheers, Dwayne.
  2. Hey guys, A mate had his place broken into today while he was at work(between 7:00am and 4:00pm). A near-new Laptop and PS3 were stolen. If anyone hears of anything floating around the Salisbury East area, please let me know by PM'ing me here. Cheers, Dwayne.
  3. Hey guys, Been ages since I've been out and about. I was going to take the kids out to Mallala tomorrow for the MallaNats. I had a quick look at the days layout, and noted the "Drift Asylum" is all day? Is this just drifting on the skid pan? Could someone clear it up for me!? Cheers! Dwayne.
  4. Hey guys, I got a bit of a vague question.. So try not to flame too hard.. I eat a lot of whole, un processed foods.. Most mornings at work I will cook 2 bacon rashers and 2 whole eggs with bread.. All the guys at work keep asking how my cholesterol is... So anyway, into the question.. How bad is bacon and eggs for cholesterol?
  5. Im just going by what the for sale add had listed.. ;}
  6. Its on a 180sx, but the rear diff, drive shafts and hubs are 32GTR.. The diff center looks in good nick, so I don't think it's stock.. What kind of diff is in the standard 32GTR?
  7. Hey guys, Kind of an odd question.. I purchased the car a while ago but never confirmed from the previous owner what kind of diff was in it. So, am I able to tell what kind of diff I have by visual inspection? What kind of characteristics am I looking for once the diff is open? I'll attach a photo of diff aswell, maybe someone can help ID it.. Or at least tell me wether it's a LSD or viscous, etc.. Thanks guys..
  8. Hey guys, Is anyone able to tell me the dimensions used for the solid gearbox/engine mounts? I'm going to build my own and wanted to get some measurements from pre-existing mounts to make a more comprehensive comparison. I'm not making these to sell, so please don't jump on the hate train.. I'm just an enthusiast with a tight budget.. I'm also after some feedback regarding the added vibrations/noise in the car after solid mounts are fitted.. I've never been in a car with them and am trying to gauge just how much more noise I can expect(This is a track-only car build). If anyone has a youtube video they're able to link I'll be greatly appreciative.. Cheers for your help guys, Dwayne.
  9. Bride super seat rails

    Bring her 'round here.. I'll lube her up real good! ;D (srsly)
  10. He was my first stop.. Wasn't able to help at the time.. ( All I was able to find on the GKTech website was the slip-on spacers, I'm after the bolt-on ones. I've found the ones I'm after on ETS website, sent an E-Mail already.. Cheers for the help guys! Much appreciated.. D.
  11. Hey lads, Anyone know where/who I can get a pair of bolt on steering rack spacers to suit s13? I've looked all over the Parts for sale, posted in the WTB Forums and checked the sponsors threads out, but come up empty handed! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers, D.
  12. struggle town...

    Where abouts are you 'the man' at Toll? I also work for them, I'm out at Michell's Woolstore. Been there for 4 months now. There's at least one other who represent Toll on here! Fork work is usually $20-$30ph but when you get full time expect to be struggling Also Fork work isn't EASY. If you come into the job thinking you can sit on your arse and do f**k all, you'll be begging your Employment agency for another 'role' or rolling back into Centrelink with the other derro's within a day or two. Hah, that reminds me of this time we had a casual in for the day to do a container unpack.. 20tonne of 25kg bags, stacking them onto pallets then moving them into the stores(where I started).. He just wanted to sit on the fork all day.. He done a runner on us.. Cheeky little *milkshake*.. lol I work at Toll Chemical Logistics at Gepps Cross.. Small group of solid units, I think 13 in total(warehouse, transport and admin). You a forky/storeman? I enjoyed being a storeman, I hate dealing with all the f**k ups.. Usually its the customers issues too.
  13. struggle town...

    Get a HR, HC or MC truck license... get paid to sit on your butt listening to the radio all day! ive got my fork ticket and some other crap. the problem with truck licences and such, is everyone hiring wants people with experience. so they wont hire someone thats got a fresh licence... ive got several mates going through this right now. also applied for fork jobs before i settled on this 4wd one, same story there. employers want people with 2 years of forklift experience, whereas i had only had my licence for 6 months (that said, i used the forklift to move hundred thousand dollar plus boats about) some employers. are just retarded. This is mainly to do with the experience part, and if you have time.. If your looking for Fork experience, sign up with Toll Personnel, it's casual/on call work, but you get your foot in the door and get experience.. I started out doing container unpacks for alcohol companies, then went to Toll Chemical Logistics(third casual on-call job I was offered) and never left.. I'm now the Warehouse Supervisor. Toll are a not the worst company to work for either.. Casual Forklift rates are around the $24 an hour..
  14. I haven't seen any footage of it, but if Broadbent was supposed to lead, I agree with the call. That's like saying all the 300+rwkw cars can pass all the 100rwkw cars before the first corner.. You have to pass in the judged area, not on the straight leading into the judged area.