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  1. Running 2 cats

    why penrith? wouldnt the roseville EPA place be the closest for you?

    the price of the front bar hasnt even got a discount on the genuine item?!? genuine origin streamline
  3. anyone got pics of a 2 tone onevia?

    if u go 180 front make sure u get those really nice raybrig headlight housings they work a treat with HID's!
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a white 180sx with standard kit and drift-teks outside the supercar club last night
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a 180 at my soccer game on saturday. was white with bodykit n black vented bonnet...bb u might know him cos he had a no limits sticker on his bonnet...he got punched in the jaw in a fight that broke out lol also saw an L plater in an r35 GTR on victoria ave chatswood on sunday plates were "209"
  6. turbo choice - amateur track setup.

    no its not...what graph were u looking at?
  7. Engineers Sydney

    3 pages of engineering goodness pinned at the top of the NSW section
  8. man that video looks nasty! at least it was fairly fast.
  9. Sydney Roads question

    personally i dont think the m2 is worse quality than the normal roads
  10. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a 22B!! and a black widebody 180sx with a veilside kit driving up spit hill and along military road this arvo
  11. how soon? are there more instock yet?
  12. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted black s15 on military rd this arvo prob around 4:30. plates were NN15MO. was lowered + exhaust