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  1. What sort of damage on the S15 Stylish Front bar & side skirts? Pics plz? Looking to buy a kit asap
  2. E-Mail Sent 2 trackbattle! I tried a few weeks ago with the jetmulti address & yeah never went through! Front door car park is the next best thing 2 competing Hopefully next year i will!
  3. Offset help

    http://fakewheels.com/ & the famous rota wheel picture My 2 cents Pro Pac, CST Zero 1 Hyper in 18x9.5 +15 225/40 tyres all round, lip your guards & neg camber

    For the last 5 years i have owned the only blue S15 Varietta in Melbourne, but last saturday night i spotted another blue S15 Varietta on Elizabeth st drving the opposite way 2 me in the CBD, around 11pm with the top down, 17" rims & a cute chick drving. She didnt see me, i was gonna beep but i was in shock Then 2 trip me out even more, the next day sunday i went 2 highpoint & parked 6 spots away from another blue S15 Varietta, 17" black & silver rim, NSW number plates & was wearing red P plates So 2 different blue Varietta's in 2 days, got me stumped?
  5. from a BMW...

    You wont break a S15 SR20DE in standard form & in good condition! It would out last that E46 1.8 or 2.0 litre engine u got in there all day everyday! my 2c
  6. Dear Smokey...

    +1 to making license test hard as! its 2 easy, im not going to say how much sleep & what condition i was in when i got mine, but put it this way, my driving test was flawless & the simulator was 80 somthing %. its the blind leading the blind these day, go 2 vicroads sunshine & youll see a fob viet driving instructor teaching another fob who can speak no english & they get a license, even though they cant read the signs :/ same with the africans! everyday i have them draining it on the right lane 10-20km/h under the limit & dont even look in their mirrors seeing that their is an aggressive S15 behind them, so i give them time & if they dont move i teaching them the hard way, some are that stubborn that they still dont move from their lane position! which brings me to my other point, Dear Smokey, can you please tell your HWY patrol friends & even general duty boys & girls to start fining people that drain it in the right lane! Their is a law KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING but im assuming alot of people that have obtained their license in the last 5 years havent heard of this concept! It would make that world a better place people drive 80 there? no way Sidney, you got insurance, if they piss you off enough just ram them properly followed by a fist fight
  7. Melbourne Autosalon - 28/29 August 2010

    LOL asif thats the chick from the servo near my house, random as lol good ol quix No way! ive never seen her there, must be going at the wrong time plus are you serious with the supercheap comment? which 1? lol

    today i spotted a silver varietta, with kit, silver drift teks, nsw plates & was a p plater parked on lygon around 3pm

    who said i provided the action? im a reformed law abiding citizen, didnt you know?
  10. need help with my varietta

    Did you touch my ass?
  11. need help with my varietta

    Another Varietta in Melbs! Congrats, yeah Senyum will probably be your best bet coz his a bitch and dont drive his! If you really get stuck, let me know

    Well that was my 1st vic import club cruise & it was pretty good, remember you had to of been there 2 pass full judgement, you cant go off a lil video clip! I reckon that silver 1 is of the chain & very unique, i forgot the kits name but its tuff in person, it was 4wd spec coz it just changed ownership so im asuming road worthy height for the rwc. Common bro, i was itchin for it but i knew the footage would be posted on the net like it has been with full view of my plates & all! Dont worry their was plenty of action off the camera!
  13. straight pipe/ pig pipes/ drift pipes

    Radiant Exhaust! Always satisfied! Never going to St Albans Exhaust again! Ron ripped me a new ass hole! I dont know why i deflected exhaust shops in the 1st place, maybe coz st albans was more conviniant 4 me when i needed a full system done! Ill never cheat on Radiant ever again! http://www.radiantexhaust.com.au/ or 9314 3735
  14. Need to contact SR NRG (donny) asap! help!

    Yeah i heard that 2! lol
  15. VicDrift brings to you Hardtuned.net Drift Attack 2010

    At least 98% percent of enterants made it onto the track, i got there about 2pm as a sprctator after giving up on my car @ 5:30am this morning! Need a new ecu tomorrow coz i am running a SR15DET at the moment! 1 cylinder down due 2 electrical problems! Fvck i hate auto electrical! Im now going to go out & get totally shit faced coz ive had the worst 36hrs, so devo right now its not funny! Congrats to the top 4