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  1. any original ns.coms still here?

    Not been around nor as active as some of you, and I'm just posting to see when I joined.
  2. wishes

  3. digg.com reddit.com explosm.net bigfooty.com yourtv.com.au piratebay.org
  4. Seller with my name

    Awesome, I'm a seller. Buy my shit!
  5. Create your album cover

    Done this millions of times, sif I could be f**ked photoshopping that all together though. Marios Lekkas They need to be instructed
  6. WTC Conspiracy rages on

    Open your eyes Sheeple, the Government is going to take over the worlds.
  7. Wait, if life came from other planets...how was that life created?
  8. Tattoo

    yeah i spent 4hrs in tattoo shop today, a good hour of that was touching a tattoo up i already have, adding better colour, stronger line work, and better shading, the other few hours were expanding it and adding more too it. longest i'd ever spent being tattoo'd in 1 session was 1.5hrs, after 4hrs today i was quite happy to be walking out of that door. Tha fark do you do for 4 hours in a tattoo parlour?
  9. What would you rather?

    Come on Dan, just replace chicks with guys and you can vote. thats a bit harsh even for ns I didn't vote cause im not sure. Suuuuure Dan. Exactamundo! Wanna make out?
  10. What would you rather?

    Come on Dan, just replace chicks with guys and you can vote.
  11. Boostcruising fail of all time

    Gees look at Mr. Money bags over here. I was gonna offer a few Tic Tacs. "Garage?! Ooh, la, la Mr. Frenchman." "What do you call it?" "A car hole."
  12. Cheating Partners.

    I definitely couldn't do it, I'd obsess with images in my mind of how she did it, who she did it, with how many times am I kissing the mouth that had his cock in it?
  13. Cheating Partners.

    you need to be slapped for use of "fufu"...... haha "box" more appropriate? vajayjay