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  1. HID ; noob question.

    i actually have a japanese app h4 hi-low (bi-xenon) kit lying around somwhere, that ive had here for a while, just never got around to deal with it the colour range is 6500k its yours for $350 if u want.. remember its hid lighting for both the low and high beams let me know if ure keen if not nvm.
  2. **S15 for sale***

    epic failure.
  3. Tyre Choices

    [quote name='Shaky Bones' date='Aug 16 2008, 09:25 PM' post='4432442' orbitor ive been looking into the RE-01r what are they like anymore info on them, I can get them pretty cheap also was thinking of getting a set where can u get em cheap? hook us up! im running on Bridgestone RE-01Rs on the rear at the moment. probably the best street tyre out there. very soft composition tho, wears out quite quickly. Advan neovas are known retain a lot of grip throughout the entire life. and last quite long aswel.
  4. s15 stock jdm headlight hid

    yah donate your lights to him mate. swap em over for a while.
  5. just noticed that freaky probably long exposure?
  6. Parking Fines in Sydney

    yeah thanks for that, thats what i had in mind in the beginning, untill i realised that the conviction based on this primary observations wouldnt not stand if it was but for the photo. The photo as you mention before shuold be colaborative evidence, but in this case its the primary and only evidence. (if the parking officer tried to issue the fine via traditional methods, obviously with some1 in the car hes likely to give a warning?)
  7. Parking Fines in Sydney

    so it happened to you too then? did you end up paying?.. beh.. i might end up just paying then.. again justice can only be bought by the rich.. sup morgs... yeh it was eastwood.. full shifty.. does anyone here know anything about the use of cameras? cos with speed cameras in NSW there are always at least 3 signs to notify drivers of a camera.. (this is part of the Act i mentioned before) and the same goes with CCTV cameras.. you need to give notice of the camera being present, otherwise it wouldnt be admissible in court.
  8. It has come to a time where the need for fund raising, quota fulfillment or mere convienence have introduced an all new means of fines. By this I mean council officers taking photos of your cars on their digital cameras and issuing the fine, post offence, a few weeks later in the mail. An offence, if I had committed rightly, I wouldn't be complaining, but when has waiting for a car to pull of out a paralell car space so that you can park become an offence? Blantantly it has for some councils, and I have been a victim of such a scheme where a photo of my car was taken, while I was waiting to park. In this case, a photo rather than an "on the spot fine" can be much more ambigious: For all we know, the right shot/ photo can render a travelling car, to be stopped in a no stopping zone, and provides opportunties for fines, where it would not be possible via "traditional" methods. The only evidence in the photo I have is probably my left indicators and headlights to support my un-parked state. ( I was fined for not parking paralell to the street... but no shit.. ) I just wanted some opinion on this, and whether or not anyone else on here as experienced the same thing, before I take this a bit more seriously. After I got the fine, I did some legal research, and it appears that pursuant to the ROAD TRANSPORT (SAFETY AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT) ACT 1999 - SECT 45, where which parking fines derive their legal backing, digital cameras need to be approved by the govenor, and approvals to be published in the government gazette. I've looked up the relevant section there and only one type of camera is approved for the purposes of this act. This is the "RedFlex red-speed camera" systems. So the camera used by the fines officer would be unapproved... and this would mean that the fine was issued unlawfully, loosing its weight... Any input would be great! Cheers.
  9. Who used to own this car?

    mayb he means 4 months? ive seen that car around a few times more than 4 weeks ago... its pretty damn loud with very hard suspension.
  10. Own a nice car?

    thats not a bad idea i might start doing that dont even bother unless you tell the police that you are recording them that cant be used as evidence +1 for that... only qualifies as persuasive evidence.... evidence obtained unlawfully not admissible in court getting pulled over and shit probably cos u sik kients on here have hardass exhausts and mods etc.. i drive a stock standard 15.. no problems wif cops... been pulled over once for rbt.. and once after following me for a while.. and this is within 3 years of driving it..
  11. how is rego $422? last time i checked was $262.. fu for those cheap arses on here.. Zurich is the cheapest.... $602...
  12. correct it is a real shame we didnt get the luxury, I just bought a JDM steering wheel it is very nice. Same with the A-Pillar and Digital climate control. hey mate.. what did u need to do for a digital climate change over?
  13. 180sx vs monaro

    silvias ftw ! hahah some 4 door holden clubsport beasty looking thing lauched hard at me at the lights.. so i decided to push my car a bit to see how it compared and despite his earlier start i slowly caught up to him and got close enought to start breaking.. dint even need to hit the redline.. i have a dead stock adm s15... and some1 brought along a HSV monaro to wakefield.. i was all over him at one stage.. wasnt to impressed. jes goes to show... silvias ftw lol
  14. its jes a pitty that adm version went cheap.. none of the luxuries that the jdm provides.. also jdm versions look better... cant wait till i paint and install my jdm rear bar.. bye reflectors..
  15. all australian delivered vehicles need to be fitted with a factory immobiliser by law..