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  1. The silly season

    im not sure why international students/migrants are automatically allowed to drive on our roads, its just dangerous. they should all be made to take the same test that P platers do.
  2. Forza Motorsport 4

    nissan z with r34 gtr engine swap, yummy

    my contribution:
  4. got me an sr3 recaro with the slider and rear half of the rail i just need the front half fabricated and welded onto the seat Any recommendations for a metal fabricator who can do this type of thing, preferably eastern suburbs cheers !
  5. Deakin uni - Two Thousand And Nine....

    haha wicked bump for an old thread, i left my grad job and now at metricon home in glen waverley
  6. yup definitely go with final inspection did one car with them, cost around $400 but the work was amazing. 2 yrs later, i haven't detailed the car since, and it looks slicker than most brand new cars made the mistake of taking my other car to a $150 detailer. biggest waste of money. anyone that says 'mate i know an awesome detailer and he only charges $150' ignore them. detailing and cheap are 2 words that do not go together
  7. Top Gear Live Melbourne

    was a good show, but not worth the $250 per ticket for the platnium ones. i paid $120 each and i enjoyed myself, great weather today so nothing was cancelled.
  8. Mortal Kombat 9 Banned

    but ozgame shop has free shipping !
  9. only slight rain in vermont south. lucky.
  10. the more humid it is, the worse the storm. remember yesterday was really nice and sunny, and then shit just hit the fan http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/victoria-warned-to-brace-for-more-severe-storms-20100307-pq0d.html Victoria has been warned to brace for more extreme weather after one of the most intense storms seen in years smashed into Melbourne yesterday. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for the entire state, forecasting more heavy rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. ----------- SES www.ses.vic.gov.au Phone:132 500 Citipower: www.powercor.com.au Phone: Citipower: 13 12 80, Powercor 13 24 12 If you see powerlines down, please call 13 17 99 For life-threatening emergencies, call 000 ------------------ Storm activity is moving south from the Swan Hill region slower than expected, but clearer skies are increasing the temperature, which leads to wilder conditions in the storm cell. Currently, storms are not expected to hit Melbourne until 4pm. Large hail is expected during storms which will hit central Victoria, and possibly Melbourne, between 4pm and 7pm. The weather bureau is expecting rainfalls of between 50 and 100 mm to accompany the storm. Yesterday the highest rainfall recorded was 67mm at Maribyrnong. Official flood alerts are in place for Victoria's north-east and the Goulburn Valley. Heavy downpours and possible flash flooding could be expected, Weatherzone meteorologist Max Gonzalez said this morning. "The heavy downpours will continue today, there's not going to be any break in that," he said. "Chances are that thunderstorms will redevelop this aftenoon, bringing flash flooding and damaging winds and hail. "There's a good chance we could see a repeat of yesterday." The weather system approaching Victoria was looking more unsettled than yesterday's, Mr Gonzales said. "There'a low coming across from the Great Australian Bight bringing cool air aloft and making the atmosphere more unstable," he said. The bureau's warning, updated at 10.46am, said rain and thunderstorms may lead to flash flooding. The storm was forecast to reach peak intensity during the afternoon and evening. Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Richard Carlyon said storms, possibly carrying damaging hail, were on the way, but it was too early to specifically say where they would hit. ‘‘There will be severe storms across the state, we could get golf ball-sized hail, heavy weather and strong winds, but it’s hard to say yet whether this will occur in Melbourne,’’ he said. ‘‘It happened yesterday that Melbourne was most heavily hit, but it might be somewhereelse in the state this afternoon, it’s too early to say. A humid and very unstable atmosphere meant Victoria faced the same ingredients that delivered yesterday’s incredible weather, Mr Carlyon said. ‘‘This morning storms are increasing in the norhern part of the state, so we’re keeping an eye on those. They might track towards Melbourne mid-to-late afternoon,’’ he said. Victoria's Alpine Areas, Western, North Central, Northern Country, Wimmera, Mallee, Central, West and South Gippsland, East Gippsland and Northeast forecast districts were inlcuded in the warning. The State Emergency Service said Victorians should: - Not drive, ride or walk through flood water. - Keep clear of creeks and storm drains. In an emergency, the SES can be contacted on 132 500.
  11. get ready for round 2 melbourne pplz !
  12. Deakin uni - Two Thousand And Nine....

    ah, got paid for a public holiday yesterday, and got paid for a full day but i left at 11am to watch the tennis - love not studying anymore !
  13. Deakin uni - Two Thousand And Nine....

    how was xmas deakin uni kents