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  1. Hypergear SS1 turbo

    Got a brand new Hypergear SS1 turbo, originally for my RB20DET but im going to have to part ways with the car soon so no longer required. Bought it brandnew a few weeks ago including Braided oil feed line and adjustable actuator currently set at 14 psi. Just trying to recoupe my money I bought it for. $1100 Neg. Pics here------> http://www.gumtree.c...urbo/1043055323 Cheers, Steve 0439 297 664
  2. Hypergear SS1 turbo

    Bump $1000
  3. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Adelaide Tailshaft Services. Phone:(08) 8262 9691 Churchill Road North. He did a mates ca18 into his ke55. just bolt box and diff in, measure it up and he'll make a shaft to that length with what ever yokes you want. Done.

    Na wasn't involved but the amount of times leaving base and nearly getting cleaned up by hero's flying through is a farken joke.

    Wasn't out front of the raaf base was it?
  6. Your craziest sexy tiemz story

    I don't think you can do better. Prove me wrong. Mate I've made some of The funniest off topic threads in history so shut your hole My quote...still brings lulz
  7. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    WTB: r32 4 door weathershields, Work Emotion centre caps
  8. forward facing plenum

    Have a suss on SAU but a forward facing plenum is not really going to net you any gains on an rb20. Have a suss at "Roy's" build thread, he went through a few plenums and turbos with no gain and in fact a loss in power with a FFP.
  9. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Keen! A few ales and wings sounds pretty damn good.
  10. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Shut up ya grape lookin slut
  11. Heres my 32 bought it mid last year, was in my budget and had what I was after, although it had quite badly faded 50 shades of grey paint and the panels look different colour Doesn't matter to me had a solid engine, VG30 turbs 3 or 3.5" straight thru exhaust gtr 444cc injectors nistune walbro 255lph turn flow style front mount with mix n match pipes lol last dyno was 184rwkw Drove it for a few weeks until it split a coolant hose under the plenum (a bitch to change) My drivers side window was far*ed so bought these from Greg at GK Rad panel Handbrake cover Was sick of rollin on what looked to be rims that had been hacked at the rash was that bad but its my daily and wasn't gunna get new wheels for it yet so I did this. Looks good imo. Bought some coilovers too just before I did the wheels. While under I found this lol Need new catback lol Recently got a GTR strut brace and got some GTR swaybars this weekend too. Oh yep also picked this up too Got a fair amount of oil in my intake and cooler pipes so hoping this will help List of things to go Slotted discs w/ new pads all round 2 piston rear calipers retune shim diff oil cooler w/ filter relocator new wheels non hicas subframe GTR front bar and bonnet new headlights and indicators
  12. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    got better when A31 straight away handed him Glynny's empty Solo bottle.. "why thank you, you read my mind! how did you do that?" Funny kent

    So he's a pro at engine changes by now?
  14. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    haha now you have to go to b&w to wreck the other toilet
  15. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    Haha all good buddy, so hungover and out of it today as well
  16. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    Ohhh that thing killed me! Should chuck those photos up, it was farking huge!
  17. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    Mad, floor sounds good haha Oh yeh names Steve, probs in a grey hoodie, or look for the fifty shades of grey 32
  18. Adelaide's greatest AB!

    I'm hung over as f**k and need a feed, don't mind an extra?
  19. just remember that theyll unlikely have any actual evidence of her doing anything wrong but they will try their hardest to get her to admit to something so they can make their money/look good to their superiors. I think he was driving. What a joke though, who was driving the car? lol fark sapol have nothing better to do with their time than chase petty shit like that? Investigation into what? Some plebs did skids through lobethal haha righto
  20. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Well done man, glad to see the hard works payed off!
  21. We spoke to him at burnside, he didn't get defected just demerit points for the driving offences. Cop asked him anything done to the car and he said nah shes stock
  22. I don't think it's the social advertising, more the route we took. The cops used corkscrew because there's no easy way out once they'd blocked the top. A couple of cars turned around and got out of there but not many. Roads that have a couple of turnoffs along the way might be a good idea next time. Where they set up was ridiculous, if they set up 100m either side of the t-junction at the top of corkscrew it would have been alright. And with the above quote in bold, i'd agree cruise was going alright until corkscrew, just too tight and slow with that many cars