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  1. WTB: white type X/ JDM S15

    pretty lonely up here dude. i have an adm s15 with jdm bits if interested. shoot me a text 0466250011 and ill send more details if interested.
  2. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

    For Sale : Immaculate Honda Civic Coupe. As far as we can remember in modern civilisation history, human beings have been fascinated by the idea of time-travel. A feat that has evaded us unfortunately, but you have now your chance to get a good feel of what 1996 was like by driving a honda civic couple that feels like you have just driven it out of the Honda dealership! All jokes aside , this car is COMPLETELY stock and COMPLETELY unmolested. Factory alloys, factory body, factory everything apart from the pioneer head unit. This 5 speed manual transmission is in an amazing condition paired with a clutch so forgiving that a 5 year old could drive it with no difficulty. Factory sound system is more than enough to jam to whatever 90's boy band was your favourite. Now, for my favourite part... FULL SERVICE HISTORY! thats right... 20 years worth of paper trail showing every service ... and not even 1 was missed. It also matches the full car history report of owners.. which have been 4 in total. Engine starts better than my g o d dammned audi which is 18 years newer (and the reason why the audi is now gone). Not all is peaches and cream however, with its understandable show of age in its paint but nothing too major apart from a couple of scratches and very minimal paint fade. Don't miss your chance to own a great car in it's full factory greatness, or a completely blank canvas to turn it into a vehicle you will be able to enjoy for another 20 years and pass it down to your great grand children because these cars are indestructable. Alternatively try and find another 2 to start jacking trucks with your mates fast and furious style. 1 years full rego and green slip! That's right A FULL YEAR! Please contact me on 0466250011 for any enquiries and/or to arrange an inspection SMS ONLY. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for taking the time to check my add out and I hope we can find this amazing car a good home.
  3. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

  4. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

  5. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

    just a good ol vti so non vtec
  6. For sale - Incredibly clean Civic Coupe

    Woops, forgot to post price $3950 negotiable.
  7. For sale Mazda RX-8

    For Sale - Mazda RX-8 2003 Hi All, Up For sale is my Red Devil Mazda RX8 . I have cared for this car a lot and as we all know these cars do need some care... but do it right and you will be rewarded with a perfect balance of power and handling an amazing car to drive. The car is in pretty good shape as you can see from the photos apart from a small crack in the paint (not the structure) of the back bumper. Really good kms sitting at 129XXX. Oil topped up every couple of refuels, since i bought it i have changed all the fluids, filters battery and plugs. Engine runs perfectly with no hick ups, no smoke ups cold or hot. Sad to see it go but unfortunately my love for the S15 is too strong. Please contact 0466250011 through message preferably. Priced at $9450 for quick sale with Rego valid until Aug 2016!!!!!! Thanks for looking through.
  8. For sale Mazda RX-8

  9. For sale Mazda RX-8

    Located in the Alexandria area NSW
  10. 2001 ADM S15 Spec R

    Would you consider trade for RX8?
  11. 2001 Nissan Silvia S15 - Onevia

    This is.... Stunning.
  12. BRAND NEW - Rays Gram Lights 57s Pro in titanium Chrome finish. $1100 $900!!!!! RIDICULOUS FOR THIS PAIR WITH TYRES!!! NEED THEM GONE ASAP! Extremely rare and discontinued PAIR ONLY Gram Lights 57s pro Titanium chrome for sale. These very rare and amazing rims are brand new with stretched tyres for the racing look. Were only fitted but never driven on. These were part of a project that I decided not to follow for an s15 and are the last items left. Wheel details below: Size 18x9.0j PCD 114.3 Offset -12 Tyres: Brand new Toyo Proxes4 205/40 ZR18 86W Contact 0466250011 for further details. Pick up only in Sydney East unless you organize postage yourself. Can't stress this enough, this is a PAIR ONLY not full set. PAIR ONLY. Can contact me on 0466250011 if you have any questions
  13. Rays Gram Lights 57s Pro **PAIR ONLY** REDUCED TO $900! NEED THEM GONE!

    I know =( just bought a car and I need the money urgently.
  14. Rays Gram Lights 57s Pro **PAIR ONLY** REDUCED TO $900! NEED THEM GONE!

  15. Some left overs for sale

    Hi ALL! I've got a couple of parts left to get rid off. Prices are slightly negotiable and pick up only unless you organize freight yourself. Gram Lights 57s Pro - Titanium finish. PAIR ONLY Brand new and barely used never actually used them on the road . Come equipped with TOYO tyres brand new as well. Size - 18X9.0J OFFSET -12 5stud Tyres - Toyo 20540/ZR18 86W (stretched out) Perfect condition! not a single scratch on them. Price - $1500 with tyres ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S15 FRONT AERO COPY NO PAINT SOLD Unpainted unprimed and unfitted. Will need modification. s15 AERO copy. $300 Please contact me on 0466250011. Located in east area near mascot. Thank you! (Young roller homie not included)
  16. Some left overs for sale


    So what do you guys do in japan? i would just love to go there and work in whatever and stay there for a year to get into the car culture and pick up an awsome 180.... But it seems so hard....
  18. Insurance policy

    Man, part of my job is insuring people. personally i dont know how they are able to tell but when it comes to paying out money anyone is tight and they will try to find the slighest details to try and reduce your payout. It's been said before, if you cant afford the insurance then dont buy the car, or drive it with lower insurance depending on how confident you are that nothing is going to happen to it. As long as you look after it well, dont park it or leave it somewhere that is not safe then i guess you can be your own insurance. I still think insuance in Australia is outragously expensive and sometimes not worthed. I've seen people pay the total purchase price of the car in a few years.... it sucks
  19. Steering wheels

    why waste money changing.. best steering wheel ever!
  20. blocking the pipe to make the car flutter

  21. High premiums being changed?

    Yeah i work at an insurance company as well and we havent heared anything to do with raising it. I still believe that just because a car is imported it wont be insured under some companies... and i still think that just because a car has a turbo its thought as a weapon of mass distruction. a silly kid in a crappy corolla can do the same damage even more because it has less handleing standards that an s15.... I think the insurance risk should be more leniant, but then again i want Miranda Kerr in my bed and thats not likely to happen either...
  22. new car..!

    far out man... the dude just wanted to express his feeelings of loss.. i know how you feel man i just sold my 180 too heaps emo. but i love subway, italian bmt
  23. need help identifying

    Since we have so many requests we will be doin the experiment, I will put my ear next to them to see if they are horns or not. Video will be posted up Before we do it plz tfr a payment of $20 to acc#56465454 to cover possible medical expenses =] and you cant notice them, just paint them black problem solved
  24. Hi Guys.. A while ago there was a guy that was selling immobilisers on the site. Anyone know his contact number or which shop he worked for? Thanks