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  1. finks new street onevia i have sold it

    looks good man ,what you plan on using this sil for once its done? track work or just for the street?
  2. import scene dying?

    ie seen more cops on the road lately now that christmas is approaching, cause they pretty much having a blitz in s.e suburbs. be careful out there guys
  3. Attn Smokey

    djemz harden the f**k up!
  4. TUFF14.5's S14 200sx * NEW PICS

    hah sold it on me ya prick . the nardi and CR's are going to me mike
  5. My Ride - Nissan 180sx

    the vskfs look like poo on it loose them and do yourself a favour put the CRs back on ps it looks tuff as in the pics with the cr's ,youve done a good job
  6. TUFF14.5's S14 200sx * NEW PICS

    kits are for wuss's anyway
  7. ugly wheels

    i want to chop up your rims with a chainsaw because they fail at life like your taste in rims
  8. Best body kit on s14

    no kit jap spec s14 rear bar , jap spec front bar slam it with some mad decent offest rims and it will look better than majority of s14s on this website
  9. xc gxl fairmont v8 -still got project. xc falcon manual xc falcon auto el falcon s14a sports subaru liberty my00 man s14a lux nissan swb patrol vlt rb30-current mazda 323-current get over car ptretty quick ,cars suck
  10. it upsets me to see how many ulgy over priced s14s are on carsales ,crap height crap body kits and fugly wheels. only a select few on there from vic are tough looking with mods to back it up
  11. lol all you need to do is use the really big multigrips ,dont have to crack the bleeder
  12. nandos!

    has anyone ever seen people that arent asian working at nandos? i did once, i was like wow thats messed up