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  1. Sons of Anarchy

    When he was in the office alone with the guy i saw the cup of pens and pencils in shot as was thinking, nigger gon get stabbed... then nothing. then he was in there alone with him again, the cup of pens next to the phone, so he goes "can i use the phone" and i thought it was gunna be it... but nope... he used the phone like a bitch. cheated. new ep out tonight correct?
  2. Samsung Galaxy S II

    well shit... had it a bit over 12 months, would it be covered by a warranty or anything?
  3. Has your car ever beaten you up?

    replacing the steering damper on my Hilux. one side just wouldnt come of so i wiggled it and gave it a massive yank... broke that f**ker off at the weld and copped it straight in the face. had a black eye for a while after that but what hurt most was having to take it to the mechanic to finish the job a simple job since my brother pissed off with all his tools.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S II

    ive just noticed the screen on mine has an orange tint on one side. i dont think ive ever dropped it either and now i cant unsee it :/
  5. Hail damage 1st car

    keep looking!
  6. The Walking Dead

    well Ep8 is out... its another redundant episode. id put a spoiler tag but its not even worth it. they bitch about how the kid was in the barn, they find 2 more survivers but kill them and the stupid bitch that no one cares about any more crashes her car.
  7. what is your latest purchase?

    you know... i was thinking of the p22...
  8. what is your latest purchase?

    wait... we sell the threaded barrel version over here? i thought we only got the sport???
  9. Adult Apprenticeships.

    Handed in my resume at a honda dealer (motorcycles, mowers etc). Spoke to the owner and i got the vibe that he liked me, tho i dont think he liked that i dont own a motorcycle at the moment... suppose applying at a motorcycle workshop and not having one is a disadvatange :/ but... now what? he told me i have to contact them, not the other way round, i know that... but wtf do i ask? its been 10years since i applied for a job, and i still work there...
  10. For a laugh: worst job(s) you've ever done...

    Worked at the local smallgoods factory for 2 nights. pay was awesome, breaks were great (every 2 hours) but the job sucked the big one. My role was to unpack frozen boxes of meat and put them on a slide to be fed into the mincer for sausages etc. you would come back from the first break and put your gloves back on which were wet and cold as ice, and you would stand in the one spot like a tard. not to mention i scored night shift so only a couple of other workers plus myself werent druggies... was great listening to them talk about cocaine and smoking weed /sarcasm. not my thing for sure.
  11. So i did a Cert2 Auto course to give me a bit of a hand getting an apprenticeship since im 25 now, and the idea of a motorcycle mechanic came up... but then someone told me a fully qualified MC mechanic gets less than $20 an hour. Thats less than someone that stacks shelves at safeway/woolworths gets! If the payrate is that low ill scrap the idea entirely.
  12. Samsung Galaxy S II

    ice cream sandwich? christ i have nfi about some of this phone speak lol
  13. Samsung Galaxy S II

    spotted the extended batteries... can you get cases to suit? i couldnt seem to spot any on ebay.
  14. The Walking Dead

    ^^ took way too f**king long tho.
  15. Samsung Galaxy S II

    standard out of the box telstra phone. Is there a way to set videos as ringtones or alarms etc? without dicking with it? ive got a couple of music videos and im not in the mood to rip the audio...