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  1. wheel swap?

    volk racing GTP 5x114.3 front 17x8 rears 17x9 +33 offset 95% tread allround wanting to swap for something different, atleast 17's and must have roadworthy tyres.. eg: drifteks maybe some bling chromies will consider anything really, just want a change... front passenger has gutter rash, qouted around $100 to be repaired!! sms 0409402860 or pm!!!
  2. Cheap accomodation in Launnie?

    i stayed at the centenial last week, cost me $50 and i got a big plate of eggs and bacon for brekkie, apart from the big pics of jesus on the wall in my room, was good value. bit late now though i suppose lol
  3. anyone know if a rb30 gearbox will bolt straight up to a rb20det?
  4. My dilemma!

    Yeah beau, you've got 2 cefs, give me another one :-p ill be letting mine loose at powercruise, if it drifts ok ill start hitting the track every drift meet. If not it will cop a engine upgrade and then will be back for a slide but seriously keep em both, both rare f**kers. i get ppl asking me everday wat mine is.
  5. Water pump replacement

    cheers for the info guys. so can anyone confirm that the rb30 pump fits the 20??
  6. Water pump replacement

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find a manual on a rb20 so i can see how to replace the water pump, or if anyone could tell me any info on how to do it that would be great Mine's leaking water, should i replace the whole pump or just the gasket?? any help appreciated cheers chocky
  7. Moulded car carpet

    Hey All Just wondering if anyone could tell me where would be the place to get some new moulded carpet for my cefiro? Also will anything else direct fit? eg R32 or 33 4 door? etc cheers chocky
  8. hey all just wondering how much oil a rb20 gearbox needs? cheers chocky
  9. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    UPDATE: Now work for steamplus (boiler,engineering and water treatment specialists lol) Now 23 lol Now driving A31 nissan cefiro and GTi swift :-) swift for sale $3200 ono :-p cheers chocky

    hurry up krudd, my cef needs a clutch grr grr
  11. what standard wheel will fit?

    ok cheers ppl appreciate it
  12. what standard wheel will fit?

    thanks for the help guys. will gemini fit?
  13. just wondering if anyone knows what other standard rims off any other cars that will fit on my s13 180sx as i am chasing some standards for it. cheers chocky
  14. back firing

    water or dirty afm meter.