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  1. New Iphone 4

    I will be getting the new iphone when it comes out. I have no doubt Apple will "run" out of stock early. It's all bullshit, they know they will sell millions and will have millions to sell when they launch. They are the best company in the world when it comes to supply and demand. everyone flocks to buy them on the first day, they claim to sell out creating mayhem and a week later there is stock again.
  2. Everything has a warranty unless bought at auction, or advised at point of sale eg. buying a seconds/damaged item and it being advertised as having no warranty. In your case its hard because we do not know what you have bought, saying that it would have been in your best interest to call the shop and explain the situation STRAIGHT away especially since you could not go back for 7 days. In my experiences with my customers if somebody bought somthing and it was faulty DOA i would have it swapped straight away and a credit raised with the supplier. But in cases like yours were the customer bought it, waited 7 days and came in a said it was faulty the day i bought it i would raise the question why it took you so long to come back. The law does state though in a retail situation that all goods that are faulty are Entitled to repair, exchange or refund, if the goods do not do what they are supposed or are faulty. If you have bought from some dodgy asain shop that imports and sells cheap electronic goods, and there is no supplier manufacture to raise a complaint about to help leverage your self against the business you have purchased from. You are against the business your self, and will need to get the ACCC involved. Good Luck
  3. take photos of the intersection from both angles aswell stating were you both were just to back your letter up before taking to court
  4. Gang war cop's to bust hoons

    What really upsets me like donny mentioned is that the term "HOON" is being used by the media and everyone to describe any bloody driving offence these days, a few years ago most offence were called culpable but now no matter what it is your a hoon. It's meant that those people who have modified cars just driving them because they are enthausists get called hoons, by the public because they have a loud exhaust or a a lowered car. The state government go and spend all this money on tasks forces and new laws to bring the road toll down, How about start with changing the licencing system and compulsory retesting to get the dangerous drivers off the road, as mentioned how many accidents were caused by so called Hoons??? I left highpoint before and drove behind a car with people of african decent not being racist! there were 5 in the car, the exhaust was scrapping the ground, there tire's were flat, and they were doing 25kms in a 60 zone they are the sort of people that 1. should not have a licence and 2. a hazzard to the rest of the drivers on the road buy still we must target hoons. Brumby WAKE UP
  5. Personally i believe it is WAY to easy to obtain a licence in Australia as many have already said, Australia should maby adopt some views from Finland if they have any hope of creating safer roads. Below is from Wikipedia what one must go through to get there licence in Finland 30 hours of compulsary instructed lessons, slippery condition driver training. Australia is a joke anyone can get in a car and do 120 hours over 2 years driving around with their parents going back and forward from school and the supermarket, then when it rains there parents say nah its ok we will drive its to dangerous, then its dark and they say nah i dont feel safe with you driving. More Regulations Less deaths!
  6. who do you know thats famous?

    Working in retail i have met a few famous people in the shop, Have met Mark viduka top bloke, Damian Oliver another top bloke, Matthew Lloyd and quite a number of AFL footballers on a regualr basis Met Archie Thompson a couple years ago at shopping centre. One of the girls who i worked with is going out with Terrence Newman from the Dallas Cowboys at the moment. The best day of my life though was the other day at the Grand Prix had access to the F1 Paddock Met and got photos with Jenson button, Mark Webber, Nick and Vitantonio Liuzzi i was able to see quite a few more drivers like giancarlo fisichella, Robert Kubica and Michael Schumacher but was unable to get close enough to say hello and get photos and if all goes to plan i should have paddock passes and mad tickets for Monza grand prix later in the year *fingers crossed*
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URYXWWRrArQ Epic beard man getting tazed at a ball game
  8. Mma in south east suburbs

    ive trained at a few places for muay thai, sor. jaipet in richmond is a great gym if your looking to fight. and they also do mma. If your looking for hardcore mma training hanger 4 at essendon airport is amazing i am yet to see one of there boys loose.
  9. Attention Golfers

    Yeah your abs will be sore after the next couple times, if your traps are sore maby your connecting with the ball properly. and do you have a glove? if you do and your getting blisters its too big. The glove should fit like a second skin as tight as you can go with still having full movement with your fingers
  10. Attention Golfers

    i bought my first set for $50 full set second hand, had a crack with them on and off for couple years and thought i might start taking this serious. went and bought a new set from drummond for $400 just a cheap ass set. guy said i needed them extended and they would be ready in 3 days so rang me up went and picked them up. and used them really 5-6 times in 2 years. Found out the guy ripped me he never extended them and now ive since got back into it playing about 36 holes a week. and bought myself all new gear. i would recomend a cheaper set for the time being see how you get on and if you enjoy it. Get steel shafts as mentioned as they will suit you better, they do not flex any were near as much and easy to time. Just be carefull though dont get anything to cheap as you may find your self upgrading and having to re align and change your swing completly. As cheaper clubs normally lie shit in the shaft and as i found out meant i had to change it up a fair bit. best bet find a decent second hand set. And most importantly get a lesson! And also go into a shop and talk to them about drivers, i could never hit a straight drive to save my life, then i got fitted up nicely with a nike that suited my swing style and i can now out drive my mate who plays off a 4 handicap
  11. Mens suits

    go a single breasted single button if you want a stylish suit. buy somthing cheap $100-200 then go take it to the tailor and spend $25-35 on taking it in so it fits alot better. then it will look so much better! and more expensive
  12. drunken stories

    back when i was 16 was at my mates house, we had drunk abouwet 6 double blacks each and were gone, i heard his old man get up and at that stage he didn't know that he smoked. so his standing in the doorway smoking and im like dude your old man. he replies f**k my old man. im like dude you old man, by then he was standing right behind him. im like dude look behind you, the look on his face was priceless his like f**king RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN i swear he jumped about 4 meters and dived into the garden to hide. was one of the funniest things ive ever seen. we got so drunk that night, he ended up lighting a smoke and smoking it backwards with out even noticing before i passed out in the garden
  13. where to get my Wii chipped?

    dont waste your money, wii is so easy to mod now!! i did mine my self go buy a sd card if you havnt got one, search wii software modding download the files, add them to the sd card, get a walkthrough it will tell you in what order to do everything then download a usb loader get a external hard drive and a program called wbfs manager 3.0 load up your hdd, download your games off the internet and play them off the hard drive might sound a bit complicated but it isnt that much
  14. just go vic market on a saturday sunday arvo you will get stuff alot cheaper then normal rates i picked up 2 porter house steaks last week for $8 and they were awsome steaks
  15. actually every victorian p platers have 5 points to start off with aswell