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    thanks mate... i am flat out doing research, i did see this on boost,, looked like it had a stock exhaust system.

    thanks Jayson... as for above come to think of it there was a dyno printout in the glovebox for 260rwkw

    Maybe we should! I'll throw something together tonight when I get home! thanks heaps mate

    have done mayo..... cheers lol check your facebook... long time no see btw.. my sd membership has expired and i cant get a new one.....

    have done mayo..... cheers

    cheers.. yeah i was thinking the same thing... it is just crazy.... im almost certain someone is storing these somewhere

    thanks heaps mate

    THIS CAR HAS BEEN STOLEN engine number: rb2508184a VIN NUMBER 6U9000ECR33017453 stolen from bayside area, near wynnum/ port of brisbane area Item Summary: 1993 NISSAN SKYLINE gts-t, loads of work done Location: QLD: Brisbane Postcode: Odometre: 123,000 kilometres Contact Info: 0404 219 513 Extra Information: it has pretty much had every modification under the sun custom front fenders (not pictured) power fc (fully wired to EVERYTHING, boost, speed, everything) xforce highmount manifold massive high mount setup garrett 3582r ballbearing custom oil feed and water lines (earls,speedflow,aeroquip) tial 38mm wastegate with 1" screamer z32 airflow meter with k&n to suit asi 52mm radiator (massive) dba slotted rotors all gates silicon hoses greddy copy plenum polished with plazmaman adapter nismo strut brace nismo knob nismo dash cluster recaro recliners g4 coilovers ( not a jap brand but they are okay fully adj 10kg rear, 12kg front) adj rear camber arms hicas lockout front adj caster arms tripple plate clutch custom chromoly flywheel with direct clutches ( custom tripple plate clutch for upto 350rwk) some sort of lsd (fairly certain it isnt stock) ducktail wing 700cc capable injectors turbosmart type1 BOV catch can ( now plumbed up, not pictured) walbro intank wired properly full 3inch exhaust with stainless twin pipes apline ipod dock stereo sony amp alpine typeS front and rear speakers greddy front mount with full wiper kit sard fuel press reg has heaps of guages in the cabin mounted nicely old school 17*9 and 17*8s near new tyres high pressure aftermarket hoses, gates hoses everything replaced PLEASE CONTACT CRIME STOPPERS ON 1800 333 000 QUOTE LICENSE NUMBER 912LHU OR CONTACT SGT YOUNG OF WYNNUM POLICE STATION 33088100
  9. Why to GTR convert back to single turbo

    and twins on that ls1 because of course it is a V 8 so it has an exhaust manifold either side of the engine...
  10. Car randomly cuts out

    could be leaning out and fking with the afm.....
  11. weight, master cylinder size, pedal feel, design and where do u put them?... just better to have big ass brakes
  12. those russian chick emails

    no she didnt reply, think she is trying the old treat em mean keep em keen
  13. moving battery for shortened air intake.

    sounds likie your pcv, ( positive crank case ventilation) hose is not connected or a vaccuum hose is not connected properly
  14. those russian chick emails

    so this is how i replied couldnt be bothered uploading her pic, was prob a virus --- On Fri, 1/5/09, Josephine PEREIRA wrote: From: Josephine PEREIRA Subject: Expected email To: xxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.au Received: Friday, 1 May, 2009, 2:11 PM Helo, I am good looking woman who's looking for a real man, to spend my time with. I am moving your area in a couple of weeks and thought that you could be my guide in your area and then who knows we might have a chemistry between us I am coming from Russia. I am attaching my picture, hope you like it. Regards --- GUIDE THIS, BITCH ide love for you to move my area ive attached a picture of my cock ,,, i hope you like it
  15. moving battery for shortened air intake.

    I don't see why you'd need to earth it a million times along the way to the boot.. earth points are on different parts of the motor and gearbox, just needs to be grounded and regrounded in the boot get a auto electrician to crimp you up a 0 guage onto your old positive cables and heatshrink it.. my opinion on this though is a total waste of money, time and its just dumb... no offence