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  1. PRICE $12,000 o.n.o -consider trades but there are few cars that I am keen on, namely: Accord Euro, Lexus IS200, BA Falcon Ute. DESCRIPTION Selling my 1995 WRX Impreza wagon/hatch (rego to March 2011) Very low km for it age of 145,000kms. 5 Speed Manual Aftermarket exhaust with twin tip muffler 16" Alloys with great tyres Factory Tow bar Sti front seats (still have original seats) GPS/DVD/TV/SD/USB double din sized head unit (still have original) Has had in recent months: Timing Belt, Cam Seals, Crank Seal, LH Side Rocker Cover Gasket, Spark Plugs, Diff/Gear Oils Replaced, Engine Oil + Filter Replaced, Air Filter, Steering Boot. Very thoroughly kept mechanically, it does not miss a beat, drives really smooth, no funny noises etc. Will deduct $250 if you want the original seats instead of the STI seats. Will deduct $250 if you want the original head units instead of the aftermarket one. LOCATION Wynyard, NW TAS CONTACT VIA PM!
  2. Veyron gets owned. Hard.

    Still, I know which car I would prefer
  3. replacing a car with second hand parts?

    that car should be a NON REPAIRABLE write off. should get 5-7k ish parting it out........
  4. R31 is 4x114.3. I was thinking about getting some Pre AU ford steelies redrilled..... I imagine they would be about 0 offset......
  5. Cheap to me is $500 not $1200 lol.
  6. Hey all, really want to try and front some steel wheels in 16" with a low offset and wider than usual width to suit my R31...... anyone know of places that sell steel wheels new or used?
  7. Postage is usually a killer for brake rotors, unless you get a super deal its easier/cheaper to buy locally. Some of the sponsors on here sell rotors and also eBay usually has regulars who sell RDA rotors.
  8. Fibreglassing gurus needed

    I ended up drilling holes in the item and then rolling small sections of matting and sticking it in the holes and then putting the resin on/in front and back, worked really well, anchored it in there perfectly. Thanks for all the help!
  9. About the only thing that the halfcut might have that I want would be the plastic surround for the steering column, just near the steering wheel....
  10. Fibreglassing gurus needed

    ^^^That sounds like a good idea, didn't think of that! Thanks for all the replies, hopefully I will be able to get it to bond up!
  11. I am about to try and make a custom type stereo surround for the CRV, question is mainly; does fibreglass stick to plastic?
  12. Hey all, I was going to do the ol' ring around of all the wreckers and see if i can find some place with prelude bits, but thought i would check to see if anyone knew off the top of their head of a prelude being wrecked, I need the 92-96 model.
  13. Lost my wheel lock key

    Do the ends of the nuts protrude out past the wheel? If there was anything to grab onto you could just get some vice grips/multi grips onto them..... Other than that, HEX bit, bash it in, OR weld something in there to use as a lever to turn it off....
  14. Lost my wheel lock key

    By 'barrell lock nuts' do you mean the key slots into the wheel nut, not over the wheel nut? If they are just the regular type where the key goes OVER the nut, as others have said, bash a cheap slightly smaller socket on and you will be fine (so long as you make sure its real tight, not even a teeny bit loose). If they are the type where the key slots into the end of the wheel nut...... good luck.
  15. Cars for Sale

    What is the going price for a Just price for landed and complied