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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Wanted to buy S14 Kouki rear wing and pods S14 stainless cat back exhaust. Text 0401 227 678
  2. Josh's S14 - Now with Cst's

    So this week I had the computer Nistuned, picked up some genuine Nissan coolant, new wheel nuts and new KTS alloy rear sub frame bushes. Now I just need to get a new cat back made, alignment and tune! Hopefully get the exhaust done in a week or two. Also, after having a look in the inside front guards im definitely going to need to relocate the loom that runs along the top there before i even attempt to drive it. If anyone has or knows of a C-West or Greedy front lip lip let me know as im on the hunt
  3. Josh's S14 - Now with Cst's

    Thanks mate! haha i know man, it was doing my head in! Being thicker it hits the air con lines. I swear every time i looked at it there was another bent fin Rolled the guards some more and wound more camber in the rear, shes sitting pretty low now Thanks bud! Its pretty close now, once its tuned and done a couple of track days it'll get a lick of paint Picked up some genuine weather strips the other day (100+ kw right there) Dropped the rear an inch after winding some camber in. Getting base tune put on the computer this week and firing her up! Boooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Still needs a cat back but meh, neighbors can suck a fat one.
  4. Josh's S14 - Now with Cst's

    Ok so things are happening. My GReedy intake kit, Project Mu rear pads and Z32 AFM came in. Seeing as its getting so close i couldnt wait any longer and got shit happening so i bought my Koyo rad to. Couldn't wait to get it all fitted... So i didnt lol Also here's a couple pics with the wheels and tyres fitted. Sorry for all the shitty iphone pics but im lazy and cheebs using my DSLR So now it just needs a new cat back, alignment, run in and tune. I'm not really happy with the ride height but i need smaller tyres. I got a hook up with 235/45's but after getting them on i realized i need 225's so ill have to get that sorted at some point but its not a priority A mate brought his PFC around to fit up, i was going to buy it but it turn out it was for a s1, bit dev but you get that. Im probably going to get a niztune but if i see a good priced PFC for s2 ill snap it up
  5. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    f**k yeah jam jam!
  6. Josh's S14 - Now with Cst's

    Id been on the looking for the right set of wheel for a while now but nothing had really come up. Today this happened. STOKED!! Z32, Greddy intake and rear Project Mu pads should be here this week if all goes well. Ill hopefully get all that on over the weekend and get some tyres fitted to the wheels next week. Thinking of running 225/40 on the front and 235/40 on the rear. Anyone else running 17x9.5 +15? The list is getting shorter and im getting keener to drive this thing, been looking at it for way to long.
  7. I'm running an aftermarket 13 manifold on my s14. There is a slight difference, it's ageled the turbo ever so slightly towards the strut tower. So trying to connect my front pipe to the cat is a bit out. You can still connect it but its just made it a little difficult.
  8. s13 tacho problem.. stuck off the clock

    my s14's got the same problem, was jumping around all nibbly jibbly like. Now its stuck at 15,000rpm
  9. My all black 200sx S14

    Nice! Looking like you're heading in the right direction with this. Keep up the good work.
  10. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    yeww. good stuff dude, love this rig!
  11. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Ermahgerd why didn't you just buy a s1??. Are you some type of IDIOT!? Who does that? Like seriously... Errrrmahgerd dude. Er. Mah. Gerd.
  12. SR20 Head Knock

    I had the same problem! My engine had the exact amount of Kms and mods. I was re-building the engine anyway, so after we pulled the head apart it turned out to be a failing lifter. Just some food for thought
  13. Josh's S14 - Now with Cst's

    hahaha yeah dude that's me! I cant remember the brand off the top of my head, ill have to check for you.
  14. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    Chop chop kent, street sessions soon!
  15. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    frap frap frap frap