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  1. Wont make any difference, the damage has been done to car enthusiasts
  2. Hey guys, Wondering if you could help me out with purchasing a camcorder for my parents. Its just for general use, holidays, recording of school performances etc. They arent very computer savvy. These are the requirements I have come up with: - Standard definition (will be going onto dvd's) - Flash storage. HDD is definitely out - Easy to copy to DVD/computer. Ive been looking at cannons and like them as a camera, but Ive heard the software is pretty aweful. - Looking to spend about $400 but could stretch that a little if needed Ive looked at the following models: JVC GZ-MS215S Canon Legria FS36 DCRSX43S I definitely like the feel/operation of the Canon but I am worried that the task of copying from camera/sd to dvd is over-complicated. If you can offer any advice I would appreciate it, especially if you use any of the bundled software with any of these camera's. Cheers, Darren
  3. Finally bought my SSD!

    1 - Install. 2 - Enjoy the speed. Dont get caught up in all the tweaks, just use it.
  4. Forza 3

    Honestly mate you just need to spend a lot of time practising! I got caught up in changing so many settings etc, but in the end its the practise time that makes the difference. I can drift just about any car reasonably well, in totally stock form! Make sure you have the assists off and also using manual
  5. The Android thread

    Funny you should post this...i got citrix receiver working on my desire today. It does have a pretty big problem though, the keyboard dissapears when i go landscape...and wont come back unless i kill the app and re-open it.
  6. Android - One Click ROOT!

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=747598 From the developer: Supported: Google Nexus One (2.2) HTC Hero (2.1) HTC Magic (1.5) Dell Streak (2.1) Motorola Milestone (2.1) Motorola XT701 Motorola XT800 (2.1) Motorola ME511 Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6) Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6) Acer Liquid (2.1) Vibo A688 (1.6) Not supported: Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S) Samsung i6500U HuaWei U8220 HTC Desire / Legend / Wildfire So you will need to find another method of rooting your phone...xda developers should have all you need.
  7. Android - One Click ROOT!

    Is your phone supported? I know the one-click root app on AppBrain only supports 3 phones...
  8. ADSL modem keeps going offline

    Have you tried a factory reset? I have a billion modem that was doing exactly the same, and it also took ages to re-connect. A factory reset solved my problems so maybe try that.
  9. I want to download all my mp3's from my ipod

    Copytrans (used to be called copypod)
  10. ninemsn "Ugliest Cars ever built"

    Thats like winning the special olympics...at least perth autosalon is anyway
  11. The Official 3D TV Discussion!

    Obviously you havnt seen Avatar in 3D
  12. Facebook thread

    My facebook account got disabled after i posted a pic they didnt like. I also sent them a few emails asking what was going on, they ended up sending cops round to my house and wanting to search my computer...
  13. Browser wars to heat up end of 2010

    Lol, thats the best excuse ive heard yet.
  14. nfs shift

    You guys should play forza 3. Its sooo craps all over nfs shift, i dunno how you could even play it, it feels so unrealistic.
  15. YEN vs AUD

    Ummm...if anyone actually knew that, they would be very rich by now
  16. A mate had protien powder confiscated also...
  17. Naked DSL

    Also be careful, as most of the naked plans actually count your uploads as part of your "download allowance"...
  18. I bet you are not seeing the whole story. The story told by the mum sounds pretty far fetched really
  19. scientology

    So just dismiss it and get over it then? Same as you would with ACA and today tonight? What would you say about teaching evolution in school? I believe it to be untrue, its a load of crap that cannot be proven, in fact can be proven against. But im guessing you would be ok with that
  20. Lol. We all know that the yanks appear stupid, but i have met/known plenty of aussie retards as well (not actual retards, but the type that you're referring to).
  21. So they finally have done it

    Lol i find that quite ironic considering you sig
  22. sheep with mans face birth

    ummm this has to be fake. A man and a sheep simply cannot produce viable offspring...same as a cat and a mouse cant produce viable offspring
  23. Bluetooth head phones

    http://headphones.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3270&p=39275&hilit=bluetooth#p39275 http://headphones.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3443&p=42224&hilit=bluetooth#p42224 By the sounds of it the bluetooth part of the headphones cost a lot and so thats all your really paying for, and the sound quality on the headphones are not up to scratch. http://headphones.com.au/pbrowse?search=wireless here are some wireless options (but im not sure if thats what you are after or if they would be suitable). Perhaps contact these guys, they are located in perth but are very helpful.
  24. cartoon sketch of 180 for tattoo

    Out of all the things you could have as a tatoo, you pick a car?
  25. Medal Of Honor 2010

    I think its going to be tough to compete with the likes of Call Of Duty