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  1. id stay away from them until you hear how my outcome goes with the heat issues im having , as for the comments about Rob at sabbadin , no he dosent have one is his 180sx , he has his own in house version of it., so far im being stuffed around and no one seems to care about my predator issues , the guy who installed it said hed call predator but 2 weeks have gone past and i havent heard of anything , this week i will call predator myself,. my kit there work fine until you hit 30+ degree days and the you better have some form of monitoring device so you dont do a gasket..lag wise and boost leak wise the kit is also state of the art, its a shame that it jut desent seem to flow well to the radiator remember most ppl who have one and dont complain probably just use there indash temp gauge which i can tell you dosent move from 1/4 of the way until you hit over 100°c
  2. what can cause a car to overheat

    guys can anyone help with my original question , i already agree with you all thats its most liely the cooler setup , i wanna know what else it could be and how to prove one way or another
  3. what can cause a car to overheat

    thanks midnight for the help, ill let you know if i need it, im just pissed and started to get really tired of it, surely if the kit cant handle Australian weather conditions then it would be a good case for a refund wouldn't it.. also is there any other possibilities, ie, wrong pressure radiator cap, small head gasket leak , etc etc , these are what the tuners trying to pin on me
  4. TurboTech manual boost controller

    running 18psi on mine , never had a prob gt2871r full boost by 3400rpm
  5. what can cause a car to overheat

    water wetter and water mix, bout 10% coolant in there used to be worse with all coolant, i have flushed the system when i out the wetter in and apparently it was flushed on first install.. whats involeved with flushing the block , is it fillind till the bleed valve pisses out then starting the car so the thermo opens then flushing again and doing the whole process over casuse if so ys ive done that all temps are monitored using consult software directly montioring off the ecu, also my gauge go up accordingly
  6. Im having issues with my car getting really hot on 35-40°c days and im in discusions with the tuner who fitted my predator kit in which hes basically trying to parm it off as anything but the predator cooler/radiator kit not working right as this is getting frustrating id like to know if theres anyway i can isolate whats causeing my problem so if it is the radiator then i can demand , replacement or refund of the product my symptoms are as follows all this is under normal driving , no hard acceleration in normal days up to 25°c, my car never gets higher then 86°c and falls ro 81°c once the thermo kicks in at 85°c in hot days upto 30°c it gets up to 93°c and slowely falls down to 91° at idel , any incar accelaration see it shoot back to 93-94 anything 35°c+ the car seems to get very hot 99-105°c and in all situalations, it seems that whether im idleing or driving at 80km/h the temp behaves the same ??? on all days the temp take at least 10 mins to start getting hot and will seem to creep up slowly even though its going up and down once the fan starts what i mean by this is should my temps go down ocne im getting to 80kph due to increase air flow , this never seems to be the case, if anything i see water temp drop more when im idling in the heat rather then when im driving at 60-80kph as i said , any advice so i can get rid of this problem would be much appreaciated i believe it to be my predator kit but how can i proove that if sp and what else could it be and how can i disprove them if you get my drift also im using water wetter and water as my mix and have a std thermostat which i have already replaced prior to water wetter and getting a thermo swicth which kicks in at 85 rather then 90 my temps were even hotter then they are now thanks in advance guys
  7. i have one , no problems holds 18psi no spikes at all
  8. 0-100km times?

    Post up this 1.5 second 40kmp/h hook mate. If you have a cam to back it up, that is fking massive pick up! What turbs are you running? there you go mate, ive got a better one but i gotta look for it , this ones about 1.6 as its slightly up hill
  9. 300kW+ monsters need only apply

    dam what tyres u got for that traction, ive only got 220rwkws and with toyo ra1 semi slicks i break traction in 2nd gear once boost hits unless my tires are fully warm , 1st gear always spins, im running 225/16/50 i guess its the power curve that determines wheel spin as well , if your power builds later when theres more speed you got less chance breaking traction rather then mine which goes from no boost to full boost at 3300rpm @65kph
  10. GT2871

    well to give an idea i have the 2871r 52trim turbo and on a half finished tune im running 285hp atw's on 18psi no cams . i think without cams 300hp is probably the max possible on 18psi easily done with 20spi i think
  11. 0-100km times?

    f**kin ahy........ if you have been in their shoes... so to speak and understand what its all about then its an awesome film......... yep i certainly have been in there shoes HAHAHAHHA f'ing awesome !!!
  12. 0-100km times?

    yep i love the movie dearly !!!! depp should of won an oscar for it
  13. i know how you feel ken , i made 175rwkws on sams before the calibration so that was probably about 185-190 odd but then on the last dyno run unbeknownst to be my turbo gasket split and as i drove home i was actually getting about 20rwkws less then i though t i was so then i upgraded the turbo but what shits me is i never got to feel what the car was like was 190odd and with the std turbo so i never tasted the nector and felt ripped off , on the way home i was like wtf my car feels same if not slower all good now though with having my issues sorted , (my problem ended up being my coil packs i replaced them yesterday and its all good and im ready to go back to sam and get my tune finsihed so hopfully hit 225rwkws (up from 210 currently) and ill be happy ive also been fortunate to monitor the cars performace with a timing system and have times and video footage with on the run performance at most stages of my mods , i say if you wanna compare if your car is really making power or if its the dyno playing up then do a 60-100 and let me know how you go for the record when my car was stock (108rwkws) my 60-100 was about 3.2secs with 160rwkws is dropped to 2.5secs, with 180rwkws it was 2.1secs and now with 210 i have gotten it down to 1.5-1.7secs depsending on if i wheelspin or not so maybes there a indicater for you cheers
  14. think my coil packs are playing up

    are s14 and s15 coil packs the same ???

    i made 210rwkws on a with my s14 with a 2871r 52 trim @ 1.2bar, mods are in my signature but my coil packs are playing up so theres probably another 10kws in herand we had to stop tuning , 210 is fine but depends on how conserative the tune is, id say with a 56 trim there probably anothe 10-15 more he could squeeze out with a little more boost , remember these bigger turbos love boost they are quite happy running even 1.5bar but as our motors are std internally thats a nono so id be happy with what hes got