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  1. We're in Chatswood at 175 Gibbes St. Make sure to call me on 0403 099 461 before coming over. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, here is the latest Natetune product. These are solid alloy steering shaft spacers to suit most import Nissans including S13, S14, R32, R33, Z32 etc. This spacer is made from very high grade aluminium & is very good quality. It is precision CNC machined & is a perfect replacement for the stock part. This spacer serves the purpose of replacing the rubber bush in your steering shaft with solid aluminium. This will give you a much more direct steering feel. This spacer removes the slack in the steering by replacing the often worn out & dangerous rubber in your steering shaft. This spacer also allows you to replace the plastic bushes that go around the bolts holding the bush together. A detailed & illustrated instruction manual will be sent with each spacer that is purchased. This spacer is guaranteed to give you a much improved steering feel & response. The price is $29.00 each pickup or $5.00 delivery Aust. wide. Used on our S13 drift car: Thanks for looking, Nathan.
  3. Hi all, We have received a large shipment of Nardi & Personal steering wheels & accessories. All items are in stock & ready to be sent out. These are some of the best quality steering wheels in the world & are made by the exclusive company Nardi-Personal in Italy. Nardi Deep Corn 330mm - Black perforated leather, red stitching, black spokes with 53mm offset. $380.00 Nardi Deep Corn 330mm - Black suede leather, red stitching, black spokes with 53mm offset. $380.00 Nardi Deep Corn 350mm - Black perforated leather, red stitching, black spokes with 80mm offset. $380.00 Nardi Deep Corn 350mm - Black suede leather, red stitching, black spokes with 80mm offset. $380.00 Nardi Classic 330mm - Black perforated leather, red stitching, black spokes little offset. $360.00 Nardi Classic 360mm - Black leather, white stitching, polished spokes with little offset. $360.00 Nardi Challenge wheels 350mm available in black/silver, black/red, black/blue & black/black leather. $340.00 Nardi Leader wheels 350mm available in black/silver, black/red, black/blue & black/black leather. $340.00 Personal Trophy 350mm available in leather or suede leather. 350mm & around 50mm offeset. $320.00 Suede leather: Leather: Personal Pole Position wheels. 350mm leather with suede leather. Available in most colours: $320.00 Nardi boss kits: $69.00 S13 Silvia/180sx (non airbag) S14 200sx (non airbag) R32 Gts-t & GTR Skyline N13, N14, N15 Pulsar (non airbag) Nardi Horn buttons: $49.00 Nardi universal pedals: $99.00 We have many more types of wheels in stock, but these are the most popular. Please let us know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Nathan.
  4. How exactly do tie rods/rod ends give more lock?

    Hi guys, We have heaps in stock & these can be used with stock tie rods. We also explain with photos how these work, hope this helps. Hi Greg, how are the spacers we sent you going? Cheers.
  5. Will do mate. Just waiting for the tow points to arrive so that I can get the exact price. I'll give you a PM soon. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, that's correct. My point was that you can buy aftermarket tie rods with spacers for more lock or you can just buy the spacers off us. Yeah, I'll work out a package deal for the lot for you. Regarding the tow points, we've just ordered 10 of them & I'll get prices & photo's for you when they arrive. They are big & red too. Cheers.
  7. Thanks Andy, These definatly are not gimics. To get more lock, you can spend hundreds on aftermarket tie rods or $25 on these. Cheers.
  8. Hi Rob, Thanks for the enquiry. We have none in stock at the moment but we can order you in one if you like? PM sent. Thanks.
  9. With regards to toe in/out that these give. If you follow the detailed instruction manual included when purchasing these spacers, you will get no difference in toe angle. The only difference in steering that you will notice is the extra amount of steering lock. We have sold over 50 sets & tested these on the track & we have had perfect results. We backup our products & if you don't get the results that we have stated, you are welcome to a full refund. Kind regards, Nathan.
  10. Hi guys, These pics are not fakes. You are welcome to purchase a pair & if you don't get an increase in the steering angle of your car as suggested by the pics, then we'll give you a full refund. The reason why the R33 doesn't look like it has much steering angle to start off with is due to it having really wide tyres on the front. The S13 has much thinner tyres, so it appears to have more steering angle in the photo. These are both customer cars & I can give your their details if you would like to verify that these are accurate photos. Please let me know if you would like to order a pair. Kind regards, Nathan.
  11. Hi, Yes we do sell them. I'll get a price for you in the morning once I speak to our suppliers. Kind regards, Nathan.
  12. The ite rod spacers are very easy to install & any workshop could do it. Included is a 5 page illustrated instruction manual. Kind regards, Nathan.
  13. Hi, The metal cats do not come with flanges but any exhaust shop can fit them quite cheaply. For an extra $40 we can supply these with flanges that will bolt striaght onto your car (we need to know the model of your car). Please let me know if you are interested. Kind regards, Nathan.