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  1. WOW - What happened?

    Lets do an OG meet...ring road maccas? lol
  2. WOW - What happened?

    I remember the days when NS.com would be "PEAKIN" (not sure if kids these days use that word anymore)... new topics daily.. weekly meets, events.. the works....
  3. My dear friend Jacob stephen (NS member XTC032) has died in a fatal accident on the monash freeway on the morning of the 18th of November. As he travelled to work it is believed his motorcycle was travelling inbound on the freeway when it was struck from behind by a truck near Toorak Rd about 8.20am. Snr Constable Tim Fletcher has stated that the motorcyclist hit a car from behind, but unfortunately fell into the path of a moving truck... it is believed that his death was instant and he didn't suffer any pain. Funeral mass is to be held at St. Simon's Church, 2 Taylors Lane, Rowville @ 11am & the burial will be at Springvalve Botanical Cemetery at 1:30pm on Wednesday the 25th of November 2015 http://www.heraldsun...156e5c0492483ad
  4. Thanks to all the Old school Nissan Silvia members that showed up to pay their respects. Please take care out there on the roads all you new members...
  5. Enkei RPF1

    Are these still for sale? Pretty keen on this fitment... where abouts are you located mate?
  6. Gram Light 57f Pro Gtr Offset - $1,200

    If you were in Melbourne.. I would take em
  7. Price : $120 Condition : New I have for sale NEW Rocker arm stoppers from TOMEi to suit the SR20 motor.... None of this Chinese Crap you buy of ebay. Genuine JDM.. Included with this item is a genuine TOMEi Sticker that you can have displayed on your car increasing Hp by 20% depending on the fuel you use! Reason why I'm selling is because I SOLD my S13 last year... I & just found these in the garage hiding under a box. No need as I dont think I will be going SR20 again. Located in Melbourne western suburbs. Local pick up accepted as well as Interstate postage at buyers experiences. Text me on: Zero Four Two One Two Zero Five Seven Five One
  8. N/A Mods

    Ok guys.... I'm getting bord of my daily. It needs more balls. I want to keep it N/A! Since you geeks are the N/A guru, I got some questions. My daily bunky is a 91 SR20DE manual S13. Mods: Apexi 2.5'' Cat Back exhaust & a K&N pod which I installed back in 2004.... I drive this car every day to work and back so needs to be realiable and not cop bait on wheels. What are my options? What have you guys done?

    Trip down memory lane... good to see some old faces and catch up. Funny how some of the old crew have not changed a bit! lol Still doing the same $h!t they were doing 4 years ago! lol
  10. Curious to know if any one form Vic has sent wheels interstate? If so what are the Pricing like and what is a good/cheap courier company to use? I need to send 4 Rims with No tyers... Also need box's to pack em..? Does the courier company usually supply these for a extra cost or do I source these box's my self? Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. N/A Mods

    Ok... i thought I'd share. To my surprise, my S13 had a Tomei ECU. Never knew it was modded. Always thought it was stock.
  12. An old Victorian Race Track

    Im down, lets do it! I wonder who owns the property?
  13. Powder coating rims

    Rattray Engineering they do Abrasive Blasting & powder coating. Speak to Travis on 0418 564 635 Address is; 22 First Ave Sunshine 3020 Off the top of my head its like $50-$60 per rim
  14. I own a 1991 Silvia SR20DE Manual... I was driving to work today and I noticed the HICAS light turn on as I was pulling in to my works drive way. I didn't notice anything of this as it was too early for me to function correctly. On the way home this afternoon it turned on as I was on the Freeway. When I got home I had a quick look under the bonnet. Not really being a S13 person and knew nothing about the HICAS system on S13's. I gave up really quickly. I've had HiCAS on my previous car which was a late model R33 Skyline and it never come on. I own an EVO as my weekend worrier car, and I know we get our AYC systems serviced every 50,000Km or so. Do I take the same approach as I do with the AYC & get the HICAS serviced? If so how is it done? Can anyone please shed some light on this matter? Thanks in advance. Dush
  15. Got my hands one a fairly cheap pair of R32 GTR seats for my daily... What modifications are required for me to install them in to my S13 Silvia? Can I just swap the rails over from my OEM seats and attach them on the GTR seats? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. GTR seats

    I heard they bolt straight in as well... but then again, I've also heard the mounts don't line up...
  17. N/A Mods

    Cams arrived... now to book it in with an exhaust shop.
  18. N/A Mods

    Can i install large lift/duration cams that are for a DET in my DE?
  19. N/A Mods

    Still waiting for my extractors.... Can anyone tell me if DE & DET cams are the same?
  20. N/A Mods

    Essare has agreed to sell me his extractors, I'll get em installed with a aftermarket cat and advance the timing as to what xris has said and it should be a lil bit more interesting to drive to work now! Also got my hands on this cool ARC intake from my local wreckers.
  21. N/A Mods

    I replaced the OEM ones with GAB adjustable shocks not too long ago. Handel's well. All new bushes all done around 15,000Km ago. Might go with extractors and a quick tune. Cant find any info on Cams tho...
  22. N/A Mods

    Good idea mick. Can of Tyer weld for the space saver... will bin all the junk in the boot this weekend. I'm keen on these extractors. is there much off a power difference?
  23. N/A Mods

    its a daily... dont wanan have to put in octain booster in @ ever refill. extractors is a possibility... what type? 4 in to 1? Cam and tune... I dont wanna spend much money on this.. end of the day, it is a S13 Silvia guys which i use as a daily commuter. What cams anyways?