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  1. who sells s13.4 guards?

    try vivagarage, c- west
  2. try CT-14 degreser, works great, put it on there straight, not diluted
  3. silvia "s" badge

    a guy on here sells em'
  4. GFB Boost Controller

    had the same problem with mine, it ended up being the a faulty boost controller. good luck wit
  5. fuel issue

    had the same problem with mine, lol
  6. traces of oil on spark plugs?

    oil comes up through the the valve seats if the seats are worn, maybe this is your problem. check your ignition leads, rotor button, dizzy cap and sprak plugs first as a long goin misfire could be the cause. its not too bad to run around but keep an eye on the plugs. good luck
  7. top or low mount manifold?

    pretty expensive to go down that path, but if ya after looks, it definetly sets apart
  8. I just bought my 180 but havent picked it up yet and it does the same thing in te front end and it has tein flex on it, the guy i bought it from said that its normal if it does it on both sides front end but if its one side you might have a faulty coilover or something. Am gettin mine inspected and let ya know how it goes
  9. 180sx sr20det boost

    My mate has exhaust,bov and controller and was able to run 13psi most times for bout 20 000ks but just recently oil has started coming out the turbo, this is ok for him cause he was waitin for a rebuild but if ya wanna be safe run like 11 - 12.