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  1. the gt500's with t eleanore stamp are replicas made by another company similar to what autech does with nissans, the original gt500 loks different to the eleanore version everyone thinks about al the time eleanore is in fact a Gt500 "E", made in 67 through to 69, the gt500 sells for alot less and yes you can get them for as cheap as 7k, the gt500e however in original state with all numbers checking out will fetch around 240 000 - 300 000 US, the 07/08 gt500's are rubbish, i mean the are tuff bt they have that plasticy look to them and sell for round about 50 000 US. currently in the process of buying a 67 gt500 genuine, and an "eleanore" kit for roughly 5000 US then making a replica of the gt500e.
  2. ahhh, you sure mate? myself and a heap of other WA dudes are running VN coils and we all run a fair amoutn more than standard boost, and 90% of us are still using the standard computer, also been done on a few rb20's, still using standard comp.
  3. hey, iv gone from an ca18de to rb25det, all is complete but wiring, has anoyone done this conversion or know of someone, or even a topic on it, i searched bu couldnt find anything, i need this done within the next 2 hours so anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated thanks, NEED HELP ASAP
  4. Stock head unit

    meh what i was told, im no car audio pro im just mechanic, shoot me i was wrong sorry.
  5. Stock head unit

    ok it is because AUS cds and dvds are PAL ( look on your ps2 game box it will have a PAL logo on it) this means its designed to play it PAL compatable headunits, cd players, ps2s whatever, on the other hand USA/JAP are NTSC compatable, this means that you cant play either in the other if you follow me here, so you need to just buy an aftermarket headunit, same way as you need to chip your ps2 or whatever, note: ps2 was used for example purposes, i know we are talking about a 180sx headunit
  6. cam gears

    wtf ^^^^^
  7. sqeaky sqeaky

    yeah i highly doubt its the timing belt, you say it happened at night, as said it might be excess load on the alternater causing the belt to squeel when you turn on the lights, it could even be the bonnet itself rubbing on something wilst driving on the road, depending on kms also check the pulleys themselves, so your checklist should include, 1. check if it sqeaks with lights on, 2. check if it squeaks with air con on, 3. check to see if its actaully a pulley itself, 4. check all belt tension, 5. check the car under load with bonnet down (eg put car into 2nd hand brake on tight and load it up with a friend listening for squeaking areas), hope this can help you in your quest to find zee squeak.
  8. Angry S13 (WA)

    f**k who cares, its based purely on what the owner of the car likes, do you think they give a shit how it fits at first, as long as it fits nicely in the end im sure they are happy, ok we all agree veilside kits arnt the nicest thing but some peoples personel tastes are different and they like it, c-red are way over priced over here anyway dude so dont go by that, you can buy directly from the jap site anyway, and im sure there is someone over east that can get m-sports gear, i personally like origin kits over m-sports because m-sports and vertex are extremly similar anyway.
  9. engine damper

    these things help immensly with drifting, and it also saves you a lhs engine mount.
  10. also there is only 1 shim to do not 2, and you can leave the standard one in there and buy a .8mm shim this works a treat as the standard one is .8 mm, and as its worn a tiny bit you then just need to chuck the new .8mm one ontop of then reasseble the diff, this will give you somehere along the lines of a 1.4-5 and in regards to just putting 2 1mm in there you can buy a 2mm shim.
  11. D1 Calender

    wow, sorry i asked for help, there is like a jillion members on this forum and i get 2 replies and both negative, thanks for your help dudes.
  12. Is anybodty able to give me times/dates and locations on this years D1 round/s, heading over to jland mid year and aiming to see a round, i tried the d1 website but my "trying to navigate japanese website" skills are shit. thankyou.
  13. s13 r200 vlsd standard shim is 0.8, measured, then checked standard parts listing at nissan as i work there. just put another 0.8 shim in ym mates r200 and it is very tight.
  14. Seized turbo

    thats crazy putting carbycleaner/wd40 into the oil feed line is crazt that would do more harm than good, if oil dosent free it up throw it in the bin, actually using a turbo that was once seized just dodgy