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  1. Hobby King sell multi rotor control boards, they sell everything you will need.
  2. Just follow rc rules. If you make money from the image captured from your heli you are suppose to have a casa licence. But hell do what I do and give the image away. I fly parks, public access, private property. Dont fly over road or private property without permission. I have just came home from videoing a multi billion dollar overhead freeway extention all flown legally. I will give the vid to newspapers and tv stations. Regards ian. Ps google Cancun fpv or The Warehouse fpv.......let me know what you think, I love winderstal fpv allways interesting.
  3. Been flying rc and FPV for quite a while now. Did a private practice day at Tailem Bend but no cars there...bummer. be nice to get some crazy antics from 2 metres above the drift...hey Have a squiz at flying the drift pad....regards Ian... http://api.viglink.c..._13427645108661 Just be carefull what FPV you post. CASA have court cases going where rc is being flown illegally
  4. s14 drift build ! blown out buget

    Nice pics of ya tubbing, i am pinching your design and moding my S15...Thanks
  5. Yep I'm as happy as... They have tuned my S15 a few times Hook up Pete or Anthony. Regards Ianoo...
  6. Stadium drift practice day at Tailem Bend 18.2.12. Pretty cool FPV electric quad heli flown by Aeropix using Dragonlink. Video'd entirely on a Gopro Hero camera. Video and edit by Ianoo from Aeropix. http://www.youtube.c...bed/8a2AsDTe_Nk
  7. Tailem Bend Stadium Drift practice day 18.2.12. Video'd entirely on Gopro Hero camera. Electric rc quad heli flown by Ianoo from Aeropix using Dragonlink. Edit by Ianoo...
  8. I would be neat flying just about the cars getting insane angles. I flew for a few minutes at Matsuri just to show Clem, now he can see the possibilities.
  9. I fly FPV which is projected image into special goggles that i wear the image in the goggles is what i fly. this is electric so no droning noise like on my other gasser setup which hasn't been out of the transport case in years. Fpv is sweet just me operating it no need for someone to fly the camera gymble. Here is a little fly i had in the tree in my backyard, neat because some of the flight was over 150metres away and no way i could see the heli behind tree and fences. Regards Ian..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pWy4o073cY&feature=g-upl&context=G2cad075AUAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Yep now that is sweet.video like that would be nice to shoot. Yep now that is sweet.video like that would be nice to shoot.
  11. Looks sweet, i like ya video's. Just need to shoot some drift and I think they will be impressed.
  12. Tailem Bend video'd from electric quad rc helicopter flying FPV using Gopro standard def image to fly while recording in HD. Just needed some crazy drift antics hey. A bit of luck with Clem and it might be filming at Mallala Matsuri ...Ianoooo
  13. The tube frame rad support thread

    Heres effort on my S15. Inverted inter cooler, shortened pipe by over 1000mm. Sooooo easy to remove motor and gearbox. Regards Ianooooo...
  14. Anyone remember Drift Battle magazine?

    I do hope it gets back to its former Drift Battle content. I started drift when the mag was hot and Port Gawler was happening, I used the many excellant articles on drift mods and set-up to get my S15 working. Bring on the mag.. australian drift is what I like to hear and read about. I would rather watch a night drift practice at Mallala than watch American drift on tv, just sooo boring. Regard Ian....... Senior Citizen from Hell