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  1. C spanner for HKS coilovers

    I got HSD C-spanners I'm selling cheap. HSD C-spanners
  2. Idle issues

    OK quick rundown. SR20DET with GT2860rs, 550cc injectors, PowerFC D-Jetro. Can't seem to get it to idle below 1200rpm. Idle control valveu is wound to the very bottom. I tried messing around with idle and water temp settings on my FC commander with no avail. When i bumped the idle settings down, the revs starting bouncing up and down and wouldn't settle. I've had this problem for a while now even the tuner couldn't figue it out, but I don't know what it could be. Is it maybe cos I'm running a MAP sensor??? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers.
  3. 2way diff oil

    Yea I think i ran the Penrite stuff before the redline. It still chattered but it took longer to warm up. I might even run the Redline 75W-90 NS (it's actually recommended for mechanical LSDs). I'm not really fazed about throwing out whats in there at the moment. I want the car to be more street friendly. People look at or ride in my car like there's something seriously wrong with it, and my missus can't stand it so we never take the car out. I can't remember the manufacturer of my 2-way but it's some Yank company. It's a pretty vicious diff. Any slight turning and you'll already feel it locking. Great for track though.
  4. OK, so a couple of months ago I changed my diff oil to Redline Heavyproof with the anti-slip additive. (i know some of you will flame me for this and true it probably wasn't the best choice in hindsight) And as good as is, it's really not ideal for street. My 2-way chatters like a mutha f#cker, especially once the oil has warmed up. I thought the additive would have solved the problem, but it only did slightly. And I really didn't want to overdo it by adding another bottle. So I need suggestions from people with a 2-way who use a suitable oil that doesn't chatter much at all. And No it has nothing to do with how I drive it. I'm very easy on it on the street. Cheers,
  5. Dragon180's build

    Thanks for the kit Mike! My next door neighbour reversed into the rear bumper straight after I got it from you, so they payed for it to be fixed and NEW paint. Meant to of happened I guess. Yeah trust me xris I'd love it to be lower, but it's too much hassle. I wouldn't be able to get into work either so no point. I did have it low enough after we set it at your workshop last year (earlier pics without kit). And I haven't had the FN01RC's for long. I like 'em cos no one has them and they're 4 stud. I've just bought a house too so car modifying is slowing down. I've got it to where I want anyway. Possible track car in the future tho.
  6. Bent chassis rail

    Cool cool. Cheers guys, I won't stress about it then. I'll be keeping the car for a fair while anyway.
  7. Hey, Just a quicky. About 2 years ago I had a spin-out which left me in a ditch (I didn't report it or make any claims). There wasn't a terrible amount of damage, but I did notice that the chassis rail on the drivers side is slightly pushed up and crinkled, like someone hit it with a hammer and bent it. But it's not crazy warped or anything, it just doesn't look quite standard if you get what I mean (I might actually get some pics when I get a chance) The car still drives straight, there's nothing wrong. But is the car deemed as a write-off? What troubles am I going to encounter with say insurance claims in the future or even if I choose to sell the car? Cheers,
  8. Dragon180's build

    No you haven't. I'm in Geelong
  9. Dragon180's build

    Yo Beards, how's it? Things are pretty ood in the hood. I'm actually not living there. I will later in the year but it's more of an investment. I still need to build a garage for the car and stuff. So when we doin a drive down G.O.R or something?
  10. Dragon180's build

    More photos
  11. Dragon180's build

    Hey, It's been a while, but I've added a few more things. - BN kit - Custom airbox - Carbon surround - a few other bits and pieces it's late I'll be more comprehensive with the list tomorrow. Just peep the photos for now. And yes I wish it would be lower, but the front just misses by 1cm on my driveway. More pics to come, I forgot to remove my number plates on some images.
  12. afterMARKET 180SX headlights

    one way to find out is to email him Yeah good call. I just thought someone may have already bought them from him before seeming someone suggested it earlier.
  13. afterMARKET 180SX headlights

    Even stock 180 headlights with HID will look good and improve visability. Tho I am considering Raybrig replacements. Anyone know the price from Streeter?
  14. Remote for alarm

    Just checked out Jaycar and they have nothing. I'm gonna need to find out what brand this alarm is somehow
  15. Remote for alarm

    Yeah the remote still works, it's just deteriorating. The case is broken and the buttons have lost sensitivity. I might try Jaycar or an alarm joint. I bought the car nearly 5 years ago, so no way of tracing previous owners. The reason I mentioned Nissan was cos my gf's mum managed to do it with Toyota even though she had an aftermarket alarm in it. Something to do with re-coding or something. It would prob cost heaps tho.