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  1. Road trip to Fuji Speedway in a JZX100 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OnP3-DGyCs
  2. Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

    Helmet is an Icon Variant in hivis. Check them on www.rideicon.com
  3. Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

    Nick is a freakin' awesome rider, I've been lucky enough to hang out with him a few times and he just keep getting better and better!
  4. DA 2010 is dead?

  5. Phat Sliggity

  6. That rant alone was worth being cooped up in the dicky seat of a Landcruiser (surrounded by Denzo and Wazza's arse perfume) for the trip from SA to VIC
  7. Phat Sliggity

    And for those who have been waiting patiently. Denzo's #1 drift tip
  8. Wasn't worth beeping it out for the DVD, so here it is in the raw
  9. Phat Sliggity

    Hey Gaz, Just sent you an email. Looks like you might have hit the order button twice by mistake. Drop me a line and I'll refund the difference. Cheers Boxer
  10. Phat Sliggity

    Yeah, sorry about that. Ran out of the fatter envelopes and didn't want you to have to wait. Weird how they arrived separate though, they left together Good ol Aust Post
  11. Phat Sliggity

    Hey mate, Please contact me if you haven't already got it. I pride myself in making sure everyone gets their orders fast. Hopefully it's only an Aust Post stuff up. Email me boxer@fullboost.com.au Cheers Boxer

    Here's some of Ourimbah Mine's the noisy silver one

    Ken Block.... I mean Ken Oath I'd better get my locker installed Ourimbah styles here we come. Hope you like rocks