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    Well.....I'm a newb to drift, but so far i really like it :) I like R32's, R33's and ceffy's! mmm :) I want a ceffy!<br />I love scrubs! I'm an art geek, Big whoop! wanna fight about it?
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    Commodore vr haha
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    Studying Remedial Massage
  1. random fabrication work

    whats a good way of checking for leaks in cooler piping after welding?
  2. random fabrication work

    i personally wouldnt do it if your going to do it do it right ( implying tig ) hmm yeh i don't own a TIG and i have never used one.. would be good to learn but not worth it for one job. Where can i buy mild steel tube and bends in melb SE suburbs?
  3. random fabrication work

    I have some cooler piping and a dump/front that i will need to make up soon and was wondering if an oxy with some filler rods would do the job? I have done a fair bit of Brazing and some welding with the Oxy but nothing that's under as much stress/heat as a dump pipe...
  4. 11lb Teenager

    ...My sisters newborn baby almost weighed that much....
  5. You Think NS.com Mods are Nazis?

    Perhaps it was the fact that you said "I hoped his car blew up and burned him alive." Personally I think thats a little harsh... but thumbs up for standing up for what you believe in I'd be so so pissed off and upset if my car got stolen and its only a crappy commodore... but still its a set of wheels and it gets me from a to b
  6. Juliette's '98 R34 Skyline GT-T Sedan

    Oh thats alright then the panel beaters i know said pearl white can sometimes turn out yellow.... might depend on the type of paint haha 5 years? wow thats pretty good! haha i'll see if i can beat that
  7. Juliette's '98 R34 Skyline GT-T Sedan

    thats a good catch! +1 for the four door skylines haha Don't crash it, haha apparently pearl white is a pain in the arse to re-spray, looks really good though
  8. When girls don't put out...

    ahh.... i see.... well, gt-007 you're a cracker! haha i'm australian
  9. When girls don't put out...

    What? I heard the word on tv therefore it is right no more questioning hahaha and what the hell is fob....? AND clearly, i wasn't being serious 'cos i had the at the end
  10. When girls don't put out...

    bahahaha thats a little funny
  11. When girls don't put out...

    hahah my bad.... typo *overcompensatingly
  12. When girls don't put out...

    .... GW you're oversompensatingly gay and you need to deal with it...
  13. When girls don't put out...

    haha absolutley no lover's quarrels in threads :P anyhoo.... back to the topic.... that joke was hilarious

    That was so bad I think I just got cancer!!