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  1. Upgrading Suspension

    Budget? For street use Koni yellows + appropriate springs is a good choice. Even going towards Bilstein combo if you have the coin.
  2. Ferrari ownership experience

    This is what happens when you buy a lemon?
  3. favourite alcohol drink

    Favourite is Johnnie Gold - kept chilled in a freezer. Glenmorrangie 25 is beautiful as well as Remy VSOP and Hennessey XO.
  4. Who's travelled Japan?

    Most rockmelon in Japan is genmod too, it's like jellyish inside. Most of Tokyo isn't really that expensive, compared to Perth I found it on par, if not better.
  5. Desmond Regamaster

    In the Honda world they're Spoon SW388's. They're bloody awesome rims, I was going to get a set for my MX5 (15") and would've happily paid that same amount you mentioned.
  6. upgrades for sr20de

    Is that possible out of an NA? im not talking KW's, im talking horsepower. 150kw's would be a ground up build. im just looking at mainly bolt on's and head work. I pulled 150rwhp with a Stage 1 crate motor from Tomei. Shit tune, but long story short, it ain't easy being chees.. unique.
  7. upgrades for sr20de

    Tomei haven't made extractors for DE for years.
  8. Where are all the sport cars under $50k ?

    Please explain why? Do you want me to remind you the engine configuration and car of fastest lap around Tsukuba in time attack...? Probably because it's not pretty enough for his liking.
  9. I laugh at the no video footage bullshit. We're a generation of people glued to their phone. Just the 100 odd kids that filmed it don't want to fess it up coz they'll be known as snitches. Whens the last time you saw something SLIGHTLY amusing and no one had their phone out?
  10. Dying is less inhumane I guess.
  11. How big is your work, and where do you work? If you're doing just normal teen disposable kinda job, go nuts. Career job - no.
  12. I'd rock the wheel nuts too - biggest Eva nerd - they'll actually match my wheels
  13. Braided Brake Lines for Motorsport Use...

    When I ordered my lines from Maltech, the "customised" lines for my GTR brakes was a little note on the invoice that said "remove the olive from the brakes". They were normal braided S13 lines - needless to say, wasn't impressed at all.
  14. Schapelle Corby 'Insane'

    Pow! There was no way the Indonesian Government was going to back down after the spectacle she made of it!
  15. Schapelle Corby 'Insane'

    you'd think so but because drugs are so hard to get there prices rise. take japan for example it's like $50 a gram for crappy weed. Japan is the outlier of all Asian countries. Cheap as shit everywhere else