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  1. Make : LEXUS IS200 Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 155 Price : $13,500 Condition : Used FOR SALE $13,500 2002 Lexus IS200 Luxury - 155xxx kms - Auto - Reg til July 13 Leather and suede interior Electric, heated front seats GENUINE BBS LM 2 piece wheels BC br coilovers- 2000kms old Adjustable front camber arms - 150kms old Adjustable rear toe and camber arms - 2000kms old Custom 3 inch muffler with titanium tip RWC supplied once deposit has been paid Has had a full service 2000kms ago, runs perfectly and very fuel efficient. A really comfortable and luxurious daily, definitely a regretful sale, first to see will buy. Located Doncaster VIC PM or contact me on: 0438017937
  2. How to weld cast steel uprights

    Redwork, do you happen to have links for these shortened uprights on Yahoo Jap? Cannot find any. Have you seen them specifically for is200/is300/altezza? Cheers
  3. How to weld cast steel uprights

    In Melbourne Kemp, Any recommendations for a reputable person/workshop down here? How much would something like that cost?
  4. Drifteks 17" Vic - $750

    Price : $750 Condition : Used SOLD mods remove please
  5. Amanda's s13 streeter - 2 tone, Aero, 33gtrs

    I know, i love my sil, but i think it's time to move on and get something newer, considering i've only ever owned s13s and 180s. Will definitely miss it though
  6. Amanda's s13 streeter - 2 tone, Aero, 33gtrs

    Just got a new phone so tested out the camera quality this weekend. Also had a shot at welding up the spoiler holes in the boot lid. Turned out ok, but ran out of metallic green paint mid way through spraying it, so it still looks primer grey.
  7. Sorry, don't have a wide variety of pics atm, all really poor quality phone pics
  8. SCAMMER - be careful!

    Hey drex, sorry to hear dude. Make sure you lodge a dispute with your bank/credit card company if you haven't already. My mum got scammed once for about $2000, so i lodged a dispute and she got all her money back. Takes a few weeks until you get a result, but unfortunately the claim isn't always successful. Good luck, hope you get your money back! -Amanda
  9. Yes that would be the case If i had full comp insurance, but i am uninsured. I am currently dealing with the insurance company of the other party involved in the accident as they admitted 100% fault. In this case, I believe normal procedure is to pay out the market value of the vehicle. In my case the market value of the vehicle is far less than the money that has been spent on the car, particularly because of the damage to the s15 front which RACV was not willing to pay for.
  10. Thanks dude, do you still work at that place where i picked up that a/c compressor a while ago
  11. Hey guys, Fyjosh posted up a thread a while ago regarding insurance for our written off s1580. We are still battling with RACV trying to get them to pay us a satisfactory amount. The assessor they sent out was some old grey haired faggot who knew nothing about 180sx's and told me that my paint "looks like it's been blown on with a vacuum cleaner" haha and that my performance and handling modifications decrease the value of the car. As i have rejected RACV's payout offers twice, they now suggest that i provide comprehensive written reports ragarding the value of my car from mechanics/engineers/workshops of my choice. Basically the report needs to be typed and by someone with an ABN, and include information about the general condition of the car, kms, and how the modifications add value to the car etc. If anyone is willing to help out, please PM me, and i will forward you pics, mods list etc. Will pay you in money or alcoholic beverages as Josh works in a wine store. Cheers, Amanda