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  1. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    just got a new hilux, still stock at the moment, anyone know any decent places around adelaide i can take it? haven't done much off roading so just beginner to intermediate tracks would be sick. thanks
  2. General chit chat thread!

    i'm really tempted by the diavel. seriously considering it because it'd be so much easier to live with day to day. the tuono hadn't even crossed my mind before you mentioned it, might have a look at that too
  3. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    not if they car isn't up to scratch. also alonso would be a pretty fierce team mate to have, potentially problems there, but apparent alonso and webber are good friends. i'd love to see webber at maclaren, but that's not going to happen.
  4. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    agreed about monaco to be the most boring race of the season. despite this i think it'd be one of the best to attend. the atmosphere there would be so good in person, and soooo many hotties
  5. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    really hope it's just a track that suits redbull. such a awesome season so far, would hate to see them walk away with it from here. and what an awesome effort by ricciardo!
  6. You and Your Bike

    nice one mate! if i had my chance again to get a lams bike i reckon i would have gone the vtr, definitely feels more superior than the newer ninjas
  7. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    one of the best races i've watched in a long long time! so much action! if the championship keeps going on like this, then it's gonna be an awesome f1 season
  8. Those who love cars, what do you think of motorbikes?

    used to be completely into cars, didn't take a second look at bikes, never thought i'd ride one. out of the blue one day i got my bike license and have never looked back. the thrill of a bike has completely ruined my interest in cars, i'd only ever get back into cars if one day i can afford euro (eg m3 etc). my bike can do 0 - 200 in about 6 secs, i doubt i could ever afford a car that could do that. but the most fun you can get from a bike, is cornering. nothing better than being fully leant over through a corner
  9. General chit chat thread!

    that isn't too bad at all. im paying 500 for a set at the moment, probably be around the same
  10. General chit chat thread!

    looks so awesome in person. stock rear tyre is a 240, so tough
  11. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    just got back from a browns trip, and what a trip it was! was casting lures down the beach until i found the school towards the far end. for a period of about 30 mins it was close to a fish a cast and a double header every 2 casts. fish definitely weren't as big as previous years, but still decent. not long after our group had about 30 fish, from there we just caught and released, awesome fun
  12. General chit chat thread!

    my favourite sounding bikes would be the aprilia rsv4 or the big bang R1. supposedly the engine in this new duc has characteristics more like an inline 4, not as much down low and a peakier delivery. from the reviews it's gotten so far it seems to be the new bench mark, but at 32k for the base model, and mid 40's for the top of the line, that is A LOT of coin for a bike
  13. General chit chat thread!

    oh for sure! the panigale is probably the best looking bike ever to have been made! at the moment ducati have further delayed the release of the panigale, originally it was supposed to be out march-ish. i'm can't wait to take a demo for a spin, i've been quite tempted to trade up just purely because of the looks
  14. General chit chat thread!

    they definitely do look better in real life. handling wise they're very nimble, my s1000 feels every bit as nimble through the tight stuff as my old 08 cbr600rr, but give the beemer any hint of a straight, and the power is just insane. ps the right side fairing is definitely the bikes pretty side