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  1. new car - what would you get?

    i agree, i reckon they are pretty cool, BUT, they don't come in auto. how about a new swift? i got my mrs one at the end of last year, and she loves it...very nice to drive aswell, nice features, etc., and chicks dig them
  2. gotta love how the research indicates that anyone who is interested in motorsport, is 5 time more likely to speed. i am into motorsport, but don't speed that often...when i was younger, yep, but it's not got to do just with being a motorsport enthusiast. as most people here have said, it's the view of a minority of egocentric, old fashioned pencil pushers that end up giving the majority a bad name, whether it be motorpsort or something else. d@#ks
  3. i would personally go the corolla over the focus, simply because of the toyota reliability, etc. but i spose the first thing you should find out is iwhat she actually wants out of the car. might help narrow down the choice somewhat.
  4. gtir

    i agree, but it's the same with any 15 year old jap car the servicing wouldn't need to be any more regularly than any other sr20det...it's still an sr, it's still turbo and it's still a 15 year old motor. and i disagree with the fuel economy...i drive mine everyday, and i get 400km per tank quite regularly. and it's got a fmic, bigger turbo, etc. it'd be the same as an sr 180sx...drive it hard and the fuel drops, drive it slow and it'll last a little longer. definitely. get some decent suspension, rear sway bar, strau braces, and the thing handles RELATIVELY neutral, considering the weight ratio front to rear.
  5. stock being 10.5psi... if it helps odie, i have a 2871 on my R, with just a bosch pump, 3" zorst and fmic, and on 15psi made 202kw at all fours. no management, no upgradred injectors or afm yet. HOWEVER, i have had it on a dyno to check the afr's, they were sweet, and have had a bit of data logging done, and although it's almost run out, it's still fine. every car is different though
  6. put it on but only run stock boost. that should hold for a while, until you get a remap/management. fuel pump will definitely help though. and gtir's have 440cc injectors. (thought you might have asked this on gtiroz? )
  7. Electronic boost control

    x2 for the profec B2. i have one on my car, and it was something i could setup basically myself, and then have it fine tuned at a dyno.
  8. Springs?

    what is better depends on what you want, and what the springs offer... maybe see if you can find out the rate f the kings and teins and go from there. if the teins are a higher rate, you might wnat them with some adjustable shocks/struts. if it's just looks, kings are okay. in saying that though, if you want a bit of both, and the tein springs are only $80 more, then get them just so you can say you have them!! i have apexi springs in my gtir, and i prefer them over my mates R with kings
  9. Quick question

    oil temp
  10. Rough on Boost.

    have you got a picture of the setup? could be a few things...split vacuum line somewhere, dying fuel pump, clogged fuel filter maybe. is it running really rich? maybe the plugs are fouled? as cha_cha_180 said, try to get a boost gauge hooked up to see what the boost is doing
  11. Hows this for EFFED up?

    that sucks mate...hope it all gets sorted smoothly. pain in the arse when a whole government department doesn't even know what's going on
  12. Apexi AX53B70 dyno results

    nice power mate. a mate of mine has the ax53b60 on his gtir, and he absolutley loves it. i think he's just got hold of a ax53b70 recently, so it should go pretty f**kin hard.
  13. dyno run, 4wd

    for a power run, turbo tune aren't bad...it's just that, a power run. not sure if i'd let them touch my car for tuning though. graham west are good also...i have had my car there once, and they seem to be more "professional"...i would go there agin, not so sure about turbo tune though
  14. hey, don't knock them....they made my brakes heaps better
  15. if you can get hold of a small covered magnet, you can use that to check for bog...if it doesn't "stick" to the body, it ain't metal. just a little trick i picked up a few years ago