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  1. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    mate your words make me feel much better. its sucks that drugs like cocaine will be out of your system like in 3days but cause weed sticks to fat stays ages...
  2. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    lol love the pic of saddam
  3. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    I guess it varies place to place...
  4. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    So when you got the role initially did you have to have a pre employment medical
  5. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    its for a office job in the dealership... also if that helps
  6. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    Yeh I know about the temp I was thinking of keeping it heated lol I was talking to someone who organizes medicals for his company and they make them pee in a cup but its not tested for drugs.. Yeh just not to sure..
  7. Pre Employment Medical for car dealership

    Weed stays in your system for ages... op to 30-65 days
  8. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone works for a car dealership and if they had to do a pre employment medical? and does the medical involve a Drug test? I havent smoked mary in a while... My friend had to pee into a cup for their job and he says they just check if you have Diabetes etc... should I take someone else piss? lol
  9. Yeah I'm the dude with the black x type... That's my mates house infront o flower power..think I heard you in the afternoon, pretty sure you got a hks ssqv hahahaha
  10. Count me in boys. Rest is attending. Where is the cruise going to take us? Any ideas... Didn't hear anyone talking about it? Blue mountains, old pacific hwy..yeah castle mall is not a good idea especially on a Saturday night. Recommendation: would be kellyville woolworths. It's a central location for all participants in the hills and no hassles from police..
  11. Greens14 appreciate your feedback, I'll keep in thought the things you've mentioned. I'll conduct more research just wanted a direct/personal thought. I'm definitely leaning towards the 2871, heard nothing but good things.
  12. Hi all, I've done research on nissansilvia regarding turbo power and reliability and so on.. My current set-up is t28bb making 190.5 kw with supporting mods ( hks bov, bosch 040, 3 inch exhaust inc. High flo cat, apexi pod filter, s15 injectors, Intercooler )..moving on... I'm contemplating which turbo should be my next options, I'm looking at +250rwkw.. I'm leaning towards the gt2871r, with Greddy easy cams and 780cc injectors. However, my real concern is am I going to get bored of this set-up or will it always keep a smile on my face, from peoples preference is this set-up enough, Its a quite subjective question.. The car will be daily driven so It needs to be practical.. How much power can a standard clutch handle...I'm aware that approx. +220rwkw will require a aftermarket clutch... (please correct me If im wrong) out of the gt2871r range which would be the best option for rear housings and trim for maximum power for this turbo. would appreciate any advice that would help me come to conclusion.. Note: If you got nothing nice to say keep it to yourself thanks.
  13. thanks people, appreciate it
  14. need to spray some items, I dont have the colour code sticker on my Nissan.. Its the OEM Nissan Black.. 1998 type x thanks