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  1. Plasma vs LCD

    Thanks heaps for the replies guys. Its awesome. I know it all comes down to my prefrence and what i think looks the best. I think plasmas look the best when viewing, but i am just worried about the burn in. I wont be using it for games that much, but at some stage there it will be. So id be pretty safe with the 100hrs viewing first. I guess the Plasma technology has gotten better from when it first came out. Thanks heaps
  2. hey, im looking into buying a new TV but getting really mixed results in opinions on what to go for. I have had a bit of a look at reviews and what not comparing the differences between them both but they all seem to be biased one way or the other, or articles a few years old and i know things have changed in the quality of them both. I know every one has there different opinions and whats better but does any one have some advice on this topic. I have always thought LCD was the way to go nowdays because plasma burns out quicker and i thought LCD was better quality. But im just getitng confused. The sales reps ive spoken to have both given completely different answers to which was better at JB HI FI and WOW. Ne advice would be awesome. Cheers
  3. gym adivce

    hey thanks heaps for the advice guys.. Ive just been the the pysio and she has said that my right shoulder ball joint has been pushed forward and stablizer muscles are to far forward..... Basiccly when im coming down from my bench press because my ball joint and stablizers are to high or forward (either or) my arm is rotating itself slightly towards my lower body and it locks. The exercsies the pysio has told me to do is try to train these shoulder muscles to pull them back but not my whole shoulder. Im still interested to read about the rotor problems you guys where talking about tho, see if its similar. jimmy the way you said about no muscle strain but feels like nerves and stuff sounds on the money to what im feeling. Thanks again for the advice
  4. gym adivce

    Hey guys, Im just after a bit of advice on what i can do. Ive just joined the gym and been into it for a little bit now. Ive gotten my free plan from the personal trainers from the gym. Its just a basic plan but something to start on. The problem im having is that when i do upper body (bench press mainly, also dumbell flys and others) my right shoulder locks out. The weird thing about is its not to much weight. Ive jumped on the bench and put just 10kgs and my right shoulder locks out after about 3 reps. I also just tried with just the bar and it locked out after about 5 reps. The shoulder isnt sore and im not getting any muscle burn. when my right shoulder locks, i can still easily push the weight with my left side. I have asked a PT if they saw any thing wrong with my technique and he couldnt see any thing obvious. Ive thought of the possiblity that my left side is waaay stronger then my right side but the thing is im right handed. So my daily activities are done with my right hand. Im going to go see a psyio to see what they say but does any one know of any possible reasons. Can my main hand actually bee incrediablly weaker then my left side. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yer i thought it was a really good episode. Dont like Mahone. But i guess Mahone has never let anyone go before. Its just the cops have no idea that mahone killed him. Sucres a bum. lol. Linc is definatly being set up.
  6. What did everyone thikof the episode?? I thought it was alright. Just seems they arnt getting any where... but i guess thats wat keeps the anticipation up. Haywire is cool. Hes so funny
  7. mmm such a mystery... good fun tho. I love thinking of theroys and stuff.. But the thing that ive found weird is where is the crazy guy. He ecaped as well and we havent seen him for a few episodes. Last time i remember seeing him he was riding down a road with a football helmet on. Crazy Clown. Maybe he got the sack and they are not going to mention him again.
  8. Was a pretty good episode. Interested to know where it goes from here. In the back of my head i recon that DB gave clued information. And it still does exist somewhere, or T Bag took then to the wrong place. Maybe. But does ne one heave ne ideas what is with the water pond thingy that Mahone keeps looking at. I couldnt make out what was on the ground.
  9. I think the Kellerman/Sarah thing because the president still wants Linc killed. And they know to get to Linc they need to get to Michael. And the way they get Michael is through Sarah. And now Kellerman knows that Michael has been in contact with her.
  10. Yer true about the oscar guy. At least it isnt somethingthat i missed lol I recon linc didnt have it loaded because what he said during the episode how he doesnt trust any one. my .02c
  11. I liked that episode. I had a feeling that was going to happen. They were going to mislead you that way. Im not sure if i missed something or not but what is with Oscar Shales. The picture of the guy the fbi dude keeps looking at. Am i missing something?? And whats happened to the nut job dude from the crazy ward, we havent seen him at all since they got out really.
  12. Was a good episode.... I love it.. I hope they dont drag it out for to long tho, because at one stage hes going to run out of pre planned stuff tattooed to him. I no theres a lot of room on some ones body but he basiclly uses something on his body every episode, so has to run out of space.
  13. hey ya guys, ive read a fair bit of the thread and very interesting.. this is a bit of a noob thing tho i am expected to get flamed about this tho. im wanting to get into my gym but not 100% sure the best way to go. Obviously i want to build muscle up. Ive gotten the whole diet thing down pat already. I am about 176cm i think tho i weigh about 80kgs. I used to do a hella a lot of muay thai ages ago and used to be have no fat on me. Ive now packed it on due to a desk job mainly. So im wanting to loose weight and gain muscle. Wats the best way. do my running, skipping, riding etc to reach my goal weight, and then start my gym to muscle up a bit. Or get heavy into the gym and i will loose my fat as i go...or a combination of both.. Any advice would be muchly appreciated..
  14. i thought the 2nd episode was awesome.. Cliffhangers every week